#b90x - Day 29 - Technical Analysis 101 - Moving Averages for the win! Best tool to use for trading!



It’s all coming together lovely


This is awesome. LTC looking like it might start a swing back up.

@peter I assume you suggest using 30 min time periods for this? If I switch to lower time periods, the MACD gets wild pretty quick.


Finally longer thread in the later days of B90x :brain:


30 minutes and 1 hr are strong.

@Trilamanila - not many survive.


I find your BTC chart eerily similar to my daily Eth chart from Nov 2017 ~ March 2018… Hmmm…

I assume the red bars under the moving averages are volumes? Looks to me all the seller volume is now greater than the buyer volume in late 2017’s rise.


Great stuff!!! MACD is awesome!


now that i understand macd i will use it for sure. thanks guys


Amazing Peter, this is great and such selfless of you.


This is cool stuff. There’s something I don’t really get though. It may have been covered somewhere in this chat since this lesson first aired, but I don’t have time right now to read it all, so I’ll just state my issue…

Peter says “I see the short ma moving towards long ma like it “might” cross, so I wait 3 sessions”. In both cases he showed, he nailed the cross-over that happened 3 sessions later. He didn’t give any example of what he does when that doesn’t happen. So maybe there’s something more here when the other case happens…when they don’t cross. But it seems that the important case is when it does cross over. So, if it DOES cross, why bother with this “wait three sessions” business. Why not just focus on when the averages cross? That seems to be the defining moment. Then, if you wanted to look BACK three sessions for some reason, I think that would make more sense. Maybe it could be explained that how the curve looks three sessions back makes some difference.

As it is, my take away from this is “it’s a potentially good time to buy/sell when the averages cross”, simple as that. Am I missing something here?


Interesting on the wait a few session approach. It plays a bit conservative, but can really help make those buying/selling decisions easier.

Cost averaging for the past two months would have been amazing for everyone!


Great video. This will prove useful when I begin studying charts.


Lately in my chart watching I am trying to be really conscious of where the price is, in relation to the moving averages on my chart. Is it above them? Between the two? Or below both?
The MACD gives much shorter time frame signals for the ins and outs of price volatility but the 50 MA and 200 MA in relation to the candles also signal bull or bear markets on larger time frames… I need to master this observational technique. I’ll be studying historical moving averages today on dat Bitcoin chart


Moving average give us options for entry points.


The miggity MAC D, too strong :muscle: School is now in session! :shushing_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I had never heard of MACD until this video. I had noticed it in some videos here and there, but I was too much of a noob for me to understand or look it up. I enabled it and looking forward to using it on my next DCA :rocket:


I was more of the HODL and leave your ledger alone guy but not gonna lie with all this new lessons on analysis and trading, my interest really started to peak and about 2 days ago, I dropped a small amount of money to “play” and practice in real life and I applied everything I learned so far, spinning tops, dojis, hammers, etc.
Long story short, got in on Zilliqa @$0.18 and got out @0.23. Within few hours it went nuts and the amount of money I made wasn’t much but I got to taste what it could have been like if I had dropped a bigger amount of money. Now I see why is so tempting to become a day trader for some. Though it was fun while it was going up and nerve racking, especially when it dips below your entry point, I don’t think day trading is for me. I learned I’m more of a long-term HODLer and even though I loved the rush and excitement, ima stick with the HODL Life. Just wanted to share.

To all my day traders and traders in general, props to you Sir/Madam!
It’s true that you have to risk it to get the biscuit.


Also to all my ICX HODLer’s. ICX below $4, not a bad point to get in or increase your stake. I’m sure some of you already bought some but just wanted to share!


It’s like watching the migratory pattern of investors from cold winter (down) to hot summer (up) and invest only when love is in the air (golden cross), ;). Thank you Petah!


Good conversation, good company, and an adult beverage. :beers: Cheers everyone.
Thanks Peter.

Day 29 - The gift of moving averages… and now moving onto another lesson.:running_man:


I can see this being on of my favorite tools. I expect I will be looking at this first and foremost. I know that I am going to have to hold myself back though. What I mean, is that I could see how someone would use this too exclusively and drop the other TA from shear excitement. I will have to study some charts to see how this will dovetail in with all of the other technical analysis that you have shown.

I already see where I have made some mistakes for not picking proper entry points. (actually I seem to be pretty good at that.) I expect this will be changing.