#b90x - Day 29 - Technical Analysis 101 - Moving Averages for the win! Best tool to use for trading!



Mmm after watching this i probably should take a bit more time & try find a better entry point instead of just saying okkkk heres x amount of $… ima put my order & buy right now, Although i don’t think a couple dollars is going to matter in the day but then again every dollar counts… Mmmm thinking is it laziness or just content.


MACD is nice! I haven’t traded enough yet to give any good examples but… I do like to change the MACD (Short) and Signal (Long) lines to keep with the bullish/green and bearish/red theme. :grin:


Sorry. I didn’t have time to go through these videos…I will do I promise.
Can somebody tell me what is the prediction if an MA(25) crosses MA(99) from above?


Great video, did have a question I setup the MACD on Litecoin in tradingview to watch the movement. Did it at 5 min just so I could see more movement. It was charting as describe, so I thought I would do a paper trade and see. I opened GDAX. The price in GDAX was 10 more than tradingview and trended differently. Which is confusing to me. Is there that much difference between exchanges?


For each pair, there are multiple charts from different exchanges on tradingview. You need to choose the right exchange from the drop-down menu after you search for the pair you want to see. For example when you search LTCBTC, there will be multiple results and you need to choose the one with your exchange name on it.


Thanks, do you know if tradingview has GDAX?


No problem! It seems like it doesn’t have GDAX.


Peter do you think 30 min should be your bare min. or would you go as low as 1 min


Nah. No need. 1 min is for when you’re looking for some special things to happen… like breaking the $20k barrier with bitcoin!


powerfull stuff here Peter


Thanks man! Spread the word. It’s all FREE!


I’ll be honest, after watching the charts daily I’ve been tempted into experimenting in a little day trading with the intent of selling highs and buying lows, and it has not been going that well for me. I’m not really invested so I’m not taking any real loses, it was more for the experience. Its like Mother Russia, I don’t play market, market play me. Patience has been the only positive gain out of it so far, pretty much right back where I started, mainly just the loss of time, which is still a loss in my book. I should rephrase that, it was helpful for me to interact with the market some in real-time instead of just watching for the sidelines.
The Lesson… Just Hodl and don’t (try to) play the market.


Keep compounding that knowledge and I’ll keep soaking it all up! Thanks!


So does this mean the current dip could be ending?
Or at least that its the lowest point for now?(short term)


On the 30 minute, yes. Will have to allow for some sessions to see.


Another great vid. For me the most valuable section was around 10 minutes in where @Peter talks about finding an entry point for Friday Dollar Cost Averaging.

While I may dabble in some swing trading for fun, DCAing is my strategy, so finding a Friday entry point is mainly where I will apply these techniques.

Currently its the Jan/Feb 2018 bloodbath so overall trend is down, making BTC nice and cheap


This was probably one of the most useful videos I’ve seen to date. Thanks for the great advice!


You got it fam. Put it all together and what have you got? A wiener.


I love this one. Wish I had watched this last week!
Cheers for the great advise.

Keep on learning.


Had no idea whatsoever about this, but it looks like one of the most powerful tools to use henceforth. Cheers!