#b90x - Day 29 - Technical Analysis 101 - Moving Averages for the win! Best tool to use for trading!



Moving average is one of my favorite tools to make sure that I get IN on a trade at the right time.

Give us examples of how you used moving average to make great trades!

This one is a winner for sure!!!

Will bitcoin drop lower? 🦑
Will bitcoin drop lower? 🦑

Peter, thank you for another great video. I am new here, I have yet to use MACD. All I have been doing is HODL since I started, lol. I will try this out and see how it works for me. So that I can have an example soon.


These materials could not have come at a better time than now - for people
like me! Thanks a million, Peter. I observed that you used 30 minutes time frame.
Is this by default or is that time frame the most adequate for this strategy/indicator?


been trying to read charts and pull some lines but finally dodgelord made it so easy to understand! :doge:


I use 30 min to get in. Zoom out and you’ll see different macd. So be wary of all views! If the 1 hr and the day look good. I jump in.


Wait for tomorrow. I cover RSI! Super excited!


Hi @peter will you explain in a next b90x how to interpret divergence on MACD and RSi ?

That will be great ^^


Done. Enjoy today’s video. Lol.


Man I loved these videos! This one and the RSI one! You just helped improve my trading by moon numbers!


Awesome Man. Keep it locked! :rocket:


Hi Peter, the topic about trading was made in excellent and easy way also for newbies like me.
Could you, or someone here, make one simple document to summarize all that you explained? (yes I could do myself, but if someone of you already made it would be great! -> laziness :wink: )


Boom new tools! Thanks Peter!


sorry man… what you COULD do for the Pub is … go through the lesson… and MAKE the DOCUMENT YOURSELF for all of us!!!


Ok Peter, I got it (and while I was writing it I got that I should do it) :wink:

If you don’t mind when it will be almost ready I will show you in advance to ask if everything is correct?

Thanks in advance!


Damn, looking at past trades now, using the MACD, this would have helped a lot.

Looking forwards, but his would have steered me clear of some bad trades for sure.


All good! No time like the present to improve! :rocket:


It’s good to see how to actually use the moving averages. I usually end up trying to figure out how to interpret them by looking at the past history. At that point I have false confidence and am acting like I’m playing Roulette and picking a certain color/number because of past patterns and what is “due to come up next”. It’s funny how the human brain is ALWAYS searching for meaning and quick to assign meaning when there is the slightest justification that is not based on anything concrete.


confirmation bias. all good! keep practicing. that’s what it’s all about!


This. Is. Amazing. Thanks for adding to my tools!


It’s a pretty awesome tool huh?