#B90X - DAY 27 - TECHNICAL ANALYSIS 101 - The Value of VOLUME!



Volume is a fantastic indicator showing momentum in a price. What it can do is help verify the movement and price action!

Tell us your thoughts below!


I like to see large volume to confirm price action up or down


Yes! Volume helps confirm over session periods a trend will continue or reverse!


Off topic Peter but I watched some of your test experiment live stream car ride today with headphones on. Awesome sounds love it! Love it.

You mentioned in the video you had a twin turbo V8 and than later said Naturally aspirated. So which is it?

I would like to know all the upgrades you did to your ride do you have it posted some where? Not that I have an Audi but I am a car guy and love spec sheets.


Lol. I’ll respond in the right thread for this.


I love watching volume in the order book on bittrex in real time when there is a lot of activity happening on certain coins! The little simple things can bring much entertainment … :grin:


I always thought volume spikes indicated trend reversals.
Very topical right now is the mothership!
Bitcoin volume was decreasing since the $20k ATH and now we have seen a couple of big lower wicks, one on a dragonfly Doji plus two huge days of volume, I would see this as a trend reversal, would you agree?
I initially thought it would get closer to the $8k support line or the 200-day MA (currently around $7k) but now I think it won’t go that low.


As always, complicated concepts made simple by Peter.
Quick question, may be more related to trend lines, but I noticed that you avoid shadows when drawing your trends. Is this an accurate observation?
Screenshots In case anyone else likes to print them out:


Yes. Shadows aren’t where the session closed, but rather shows the (statistical anomalies) of sorts during that trading session.

The “body” is where most of the action was, we want to stay close to that.


Almost 10,000 views for ‘‘day one’’ and @ 30% of course completion less than 500…why am I not surprised ?
Thanks for the knowledge Peter. I’m happy I found your channel.


I track all data. I know the attrition rate.

It’s close to 90%.


Good lesson, sometimes high volume makes the price go up very fast.


Have been consistently watching your content and have been impressed at the amount of work you guys put in.

I was curious about the Patreon subscriber rewards. Are there benefits of finding out more about pre-sale opportunities for upcoming ICO’s? Do subscribers get community insights before the rest?


I’m still on board Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday I have committed to taking the daughter to drama school and extra swimming practise. We are going for green caps.


Now I understand what those numbers are! The first was volume as I expected, and the second one is average volume.
Fun fact, the resistance lines I drew for day 24 are still pretty valid now.


My opinion for pump and dumps with low volume basically would just need to join the pump and dump telegram groups ect to know which one with low volume they’re gonna pump. Not something I’d risk but my 2 sats on that.


Nice to see the volume following ETC on this run. I’m super glad you showed us this Peter!


I believe!!! Proof of Belief.


Proof of Peter!! (more characterrrrrrrrz)


Proof of Peter… nice one. Great learning.