#B90X - DAY 22 - TECHNICAL ANALYSIS 101 - Shooting Stars & Inverted Hammers!



bring me that hammer!


I am very glad to revisit this TA.

I might review it again and again as well.


Shooting start and Inverted Hammers indicate potential reversals, but need confirmation. Got it.
I know I have issues with patience , but I am getting better. I get so excited to pull the trigger, and then see the errors of my ways. Paying attention to the simple indicators is sooooooooooo key.


Hammers, hanging men, inverse hammers and shooting stars… Sounds like a weapon and magic set for your favourite Final Fantasy game. Appreciate the further explanation Pete. Like meddling sheep my issue is patience. I like that I am improving my ability to read the charts better and make informed decisions on where the trend is going.


Doing this today, a Saturday, was a really boring day to watch for shooting stars and hammers so I went looking at yesterday’s charts to analyze. I am starting to see where others comment about the trend being organic or manipulated. :nerd_face:


While looking at charts and trying to identify shooting stars and hammers I also realize the benefit of DCA. For those of us who want to feel like we are doing something DCA can act as a release for some of the pent up energy without getting caught up in FUD or FOMO.


I’m on day 22 as well. …correct about DCA as well, at least for me. it feels like a bit of security…



Much respect for you TA guys. This shit is hard.


We see shooting stars cause they are burning as they enter our atmosphere, we see them on trends cause the upward movement is burnt out :sunglasses:


Shooting Star is a bearish reversal pattern
Inverted Hammer is a bullish reversal pattern