#B90X - DAY 22 - TECHNICAL ANALYSIS 101 - Shooting Stars & Inverted Hammers!



Bit confused … do the hammer and inverted hammer both indicate a bullish reversal? It looks like a hammer indicates buying pressure at close, while the inverted hammer indicates selling pressure at close. Are both they the same?


They both require another session to really flesh it out.


Watching this as I am trading stocks is very helpful!!! :rofl:


makes what I’m seeing make so much more sense. I was seeing this stuff not understanding it ty dogelord


does the color of the candle matter to determine whether it is inverted hammer or shooting star? Or is only the preceding trend makes the difference?


Good to be back after a 2 week break! certainly have missed the Pub and getting back on Track with the B90X!
lol Peta I have so many Patreon vid’s I need to catch up on :joy:

Time to smash the TA video’s over the weekend :muscle:t3: and pick up from where I left off

#SurviveTheStormySeas :hodl:


Solid lessons, I will be trying to define different candles all the time in my chart watching now, and coming back to watch all these videos multiple times I’m sure


Another good indicators to pay attention to, also when you did a pouse and asked what we learn already pointing on candle I said hammer.


Wow, now I have a better understanding of trend reversal… Thanks Peter!


Great vid Peter and thank you :blush: I keep forgetting the names but I know to wait and look for a reversal - keep it in the ole back pocket then BAM drop a fatty! LoL :wink:


Even though I can be impatient in many situations, I love the trend I have been seeing this past couple of days with the different lessons. Observe, be patient and HODL if needed.
Like always, muchas gracias brotha!


Patience before striking, what a great way to build the technical vocabulary and see it in our own investments!


Yeah! Inverted Hammer Time…
Thnx 4 the video


This stuff is really helpful with mu stocks too!
DAY 22 – Hammer it, HODL it, Shoot it to the Stars!!



The shooting stars are plain as day it easy to spot. The reverse hammers are also easy to spot. I see how this is all starting to come together. I expect with the other technical analysis to come, after going through them all once I’m going to probably want to go through them again, to really make everything come together.


It gets better! Take it day by day!


More great stuff!
It’s awesome using this info on Tradingview.


I’ve got most of it down so far
Sometimes get a little confused with the names but with more practice, it will come to me. Good shit Peetah


I need to watch all of these trading videos one after another everyday for a month. They are very informative. I check the charts every day but only daily candles. I need to start comparing the daily to the 30 min. I think this will be my new experiment :+1:


Whenever I get on the trading game again, I’m going to be like @CryptoDad and just play these in the background while I trade and do work throughout the day lulz. My brother is moving and hooking me up with some extra monitors so I should have a nice little set up in a few weeks as well. He even said, now you can just trade all day :rofl: