#b90x - DAY 21 - Technical Analysis 101 - Hammer & Hanging Man



lesson learned: a hammer and a hanging man can signify a bullish reversal or bearish reversal, respectively

note* technical analysis is not always accurate though. Is there an average percentage of their success rate in predicting the next several sessions/overall market direction?


Nope. Only time and experience can tell you that!


I’ve been so excited about getting knowlage on analysis that I forgot to post yesterday. I went on my exchange and so far have been profiting between 50 and 100 dollars on practice trades. I just write on paper my figures and buys/sells to test before I actually trade. I’m buying the hammers, selling the hangman. NOT ADVICE JUST WHAT I’M DOING. Don’t do as I do, this is for fake paper trades.


Very interesting. Question, does a Hammer have to come after a decline in price, and does a Hanging Man have to come after an increase in price, or is it just the color of them that give them their names? Say that the last three candles have been red, and the next one is a Hanging Man, is that still considered a Hanging Man, even if the candle after that is red as well?
Likewise, is this still a Hammer?




So, I’m guessing that’s a no?


Used this to find my buy in of ETC today. Thanks Peter!


Really interesting Archetypes to spot in the charts now and give us a better understanding of predicting trends, thanks for the in depth explanation Peter.

Dogelord it would be great if you can let me know if the hanging men/Hammer I spotted in this :icx: TA over 30 minute sessions is correct? Thank you :beers:


Really enjoying these videos! So much better than reading TA books. I end up falling asleep after first page!!! LOL


thanks peter for all of this info. its a lot to take in for sure. but im slowly understanding the charts better for this thank you.


Great content! I look at the charts differently every time I pick up another lesson from you.


It all makes sense now! These candle charts can easily be read and understood! :slight_smile:


Very informative. I’ll keep a lookout for these in the future.


I’ve got my eye out for trend confirmation after Hammer’s and Hanging man’s


Hammer and hanging man, another indicators talking to me to wait and hodl.
Wolves are very close to me whole life, what I see now they’re some connections between successful trading crypto and how wolves hunting.


My mind is being stimulated like crazy right now. I placed an order for “Candlestick Charting for Dummies.” so I can get a deeper understanding.


How cool would it be if trading view had a chart for kids and that would detect hammers etc and automatically insert a hammer image etc Yooooo :slight_smile:


Anotha day, anotha lesson!
Ima have to rewatch the video a couple of times, was trying to piece everything together from this and the videos from the past days but I still made some mistakes. Time to practice yo!
Muchas gracias brotha!!


Suggest writing notes of the written notes on Peters screen. Great TA information to remember. :pray:


Hammer the bears out of the park (bearish trend reversal possible, watch for confirmation.
Hanging man at the end of the green trail (bullish trend reversal possible, watch 4 confirmation.