#b90x - DAY 20 - Technical Analysis 101 - More DOJI!



I’ve been taking my time with b90x.
A doji = wait. I think i have noob luck. Watch the doji, wait, trade, watch the dip… B90x is still great though!


Thanks for another informative video on Dogi. I have studied chart technicals before, but I guess the knowledge didn’t stick. This time around it makes more sense. Really learning something here in the B90X. :no_good_man:

DAY 20 – See a DOJI = :raised_hand:


Don’t stop! B90X program is amazing, the best parts are still waiting for you to explore them!


The Doji seems to be a good indicator. again I went to Tradingview and looked at litecoin this time. took the chart back about a month and slowly moved forward and looked for dojis. spot doji and wait for the directional indicator. made a mental call on buy or sell. this time i only got it right 65% of the time. but its something. I expect there are other lessons to come for other styles of indicators to reinforce.the doji


More great information. I really didn’t know about all of the different doji!


When you see a HODL, be sure to DOJI so you can candlestick. That’s when lambo. :grin:


This video makes me want to take a small amount and play around with to test the skills that i haven’t mastered. A Long time Long term investor and Long term DCA disciple is more my style , But that just lets me know that I should push and be willing to waste a small amount in order to learn, and possibly profit. As the old saying goes ‘’ It takes money to make money’’ In my case It has always taken hard work and long suffering aka( steady patience) But we all only live once, and for a purpose , Enjoy the ride :rocket:


Dragonfly Doji and Gracestone Doji



Thanks for the further explanation Pete. I think when in a year or two when I actually have profits to fiddle with I will enjoy playing around with day trading. Also may have to wait for tax system improves for crypto to crypto trading.


Any candle hodl :megusta:


Them doges know how to doji for sure.


Doji - hodl
spinning top - hodl
Dragon fly - hodl
grave stone - hodl
got it.

lol. Literally hodling right now due to a doji.



The general rule of this TA is give it a few sessions to see which way the market is moving.


Watching today’s market I’m seeing a lot of dojis but the trends are starting to look bullish. Does this occur a lot where more dojis appear right before a bullish trend than a bearish trend where uncertainty is more prevalent with it going up than down? :thinking:


Doji= wait keep exuberance in check. hodl= :sparkler:



MOAR DOGE… or doji :joy:


doji means patience young padawan


Doji means indecision, which requires patience in a couple more sesions!