#b90x - DAY 20 - Technical Analysis 101 - More DOJI!



Good stuff @peter !!! I am learning so much and waiting to make my first trade as soon as my money clears in coinbase. I’ll be looking forward to the rest of the B90X program!


Don’t pet the dogis!!


Another in depth and mostly fun look into :icx: over the past week on 30 minute sessions. I feel like with these TA videos im leveling up on a daily basis :joy:

The gravestone and Dragonfly doji’s really make sense now Peter in terms of how they influence the upcoming trends and whether its gonna be bullish or bearish…Hope I got mine right in the chart! haha

On to the next TA captain :doge:


Wait out… valuable lessons… day 20. Am impressed with myself. Thanks for this.


Day 20 and I finally upgraded my avatar from Poop Boy!

I have just realized I should have learned the “Zen” of “Doji” decades ago, well you live and you learn!
My concerns about chart analyst is do we match the time interval with our own trading style? That is if you day trade then you look at 5m charts, and if you look at charts daily you look at 6hr charts??? Anyway thanks for the information Peter loving you sharing the knowledge bro ^_^.


30 and 1 hour seem appropriate most of the time.


Great advice Peter! I have made a few bad plays with presuming price action as a response to doji’s in the stock market and have made bad decisions based on assumptions! I’m learning as I go. I notice as a crypto enthusiast, I don’t trade mostly I HODL… :+1::grin:


Thank you for another clear and concise video. Question. You mention becoming a Patren subscriber, what is that?


man this is good stuff. thank you peter. this is so helpful. I’m getting better at understanding the charts now. I did a couple of buys using this new skills. ty ty ty!!!


Doji is an indicator that the previous pressure had weakened


So do doji’s and spinning tops primarily benefit day traders? If I plan to hold a specific coin for several years, are doji’s and tops even relevant?


Interesting. Tops, doji’s and candles are now explained thoroughly! Can’t wait to break this down to my friends, since they are always in fear of the charts! LOL


Informative. As I develop my personal Trading Algorithm… Doji’s now signal patience and re-evaluation.


More doji, more indecision in the market, so I wait, taking a breath, because if I wanna be successful investor I have to make informed decision and also protect my capital.


Patience is key with them doji’s right now…:sunglasses:


If you see a Doji = Hodl and get ready to drop a fatty lol


DOJI = HODL = GAINZ = :btc::bitrocket:


doji = wait.

Clear !


Hodl to the moon :dogemoon:


Doji = watch… but the Dragonfly & Gravestone concepts (depending on run-up or sell-off trend) are intriguing nonetheless!