#b90x - DAY 20 - Technical Analysis 101 - More DOJI!



If you see a doji, what do you do?
Here are some more pointers on what to do with dojis!

What have you found?


:doge: i = wait

as there is indecision in the market. cool, got it.



Oh… the ‘dreaded’ Crosses! :cowboy_hat_face:


Hi CryptoNation)

If there is something like 5-7 DOJIs one by one do you switch to a different timeframe?

Best regards,
Roman Hapatyn


You must wait for confirmation.


Oh how i have been wrong for so long!

Usually when I have saw a doji and it has been bearish, I have entered; I partly do what this video details in looking at the precipitating trend, but with ONE big mistake!

Allow for 2 or 3 candles for confirmation! This leads to FOMO, for sometimes I have thought, oh man its going to be bullish, then you see a big green candle rise only to drop.

Fully implementing this analysis, WAIT, see what happens, then ACT.

This is pure gold


I’ve been keeping track of candles on GDAX lately just to get a handle on the idea, sure I still have things to learn but it’s beginning to make sense. It’s nice knowing what these things mean now. I talk to a few investors in the stock market weekly, and lately I’ve been dropping knowledge and talking about things they didn’t think I would know/fully grasp, and they like that I’m getting into crypto and know a thing a two. One of my goals now is to convert people’s misconceptions and wake them up on crypto.


The concept of reading candles was introduced to me by looking at multiple candles at a time and comparing them against a cheat-sheet. It is really beneficial for me to take a step back and learn what each candle is saying and why, and build from there, instead of starting at the middle. Thank you.



8700+ views for day 1 & less than 1000 for day 20. As usual most people give up before they even start.
Enjoying the vids & teaching. :sunglasses:


See Doji => wait, got it :+1:


Had a Doji yesterday but still uptrending…Let’s keep it going.


This make things much more clear. I’m starting to become a real pro :joy:


Wait and do nothing. Got it👍


Hello Peter,
My question is, do you wait in the 30 min candlestick charts for the nest session? Is this long term trading or day trading advise?


Entry points. 30 min is perfect to get in. Long term, zoom out!


Big takeaway: doji = hodl


I replied on day 19 about all of doji in my charts. The market is trying to correct I think. I’m still hodling.


Thanks again Peter - loving this knowledge!