#B90X - DAY 2 - Where are You Facing?



That’s why we made this pub. We accept all. Stay awhile and enjoy a fresh one from the tap. No pressure. Come and go as you like.

When you decide to sit down for a bit from your weary travels. Know. That you are in good company.


I loves reading this for some reason. Because of the honesty I think. So glad you’re here :smile:


What I need to focus:

  • To the moon
  • Not change direction, facing the Moon.
  • Keep going to the moon, day by day.
  • Finance freedom to my childrens while in the Moon :slight_smile:

I started mining bitcoin in 2010… If I remember correctly, I had mined around 9 coins at time jbut lost everything because I was not paying attention to make a backup of that computer. Actually I did but I didn’t made the backup of my bitcoin private key and I lost everything.

Then, I opened a coinbase account in 2015, BUT never made any deposit :frowning: If I knew what I know today or if I knew Peter that :smiley: I could be very rich today :smiley:

Another thing I do was spending over between 2k - 5k per year over +15 years in high grade California produces… too much, If I had invested just half of what I spent on greens, I would be a very rich (money wise because I am rich in other ways) today as well :slight_smile: Oh man!!! This doesn’t feel good… if I had accumulated bitcoins, I would be diversifying in a ganja farm and bitcoins :smiley:

Right now, I am facing the Moon. I have a job, so I have money to live day-by-day. It is always stressful to know that anybody can loose their jobs anytime, so diversify your talent is the key.

Lots of Gratitude to Peter and Yall here!


I’m facing toward gaining more knowledge in my profession as an IT security officer/analyst and possibly build an business in IT security consulting complimentary to my day job. I will learn as much as possible about the crypto marketplace to reach more financial freedom. I think that one great monologue “The position of ,” from John Goodman in the Gambler sums up very good - I know language… but still - were I already am. On the other hand I’m still ambitious and curious to learn something every day. And here in the Bitcoinpub I’ve already learned a lot! Thanks everyone and thank you Peter!


As a student with a social disability, I am facing financial struggling.

I am going to be financially free.

I will reach financial freedom by:

  1. learning to make profitable long term investments starting from the little that I have.
  2. learning how to read charts to develop a medium/short term technique for trading, gaining the advantage of the volatility of the market.
  3. Starting a fitness-related business with the foundation made in the crypto-market.

The behaviour that will support my journey will be:

  1. Reading/gather data on a daily basis related to the long term investments that I am willing to do.
  2. Practice technical analysis on Tradingview on a regular basis, with the aim to identify the patterns mentioned in the beginner resources. Then, make projections within a selected time-frame without investing any money until I show consistent positive returns.
  3. To keep me accountable, I will be active in thebitcoin.pub community, sharing my progress as well as my struggles and helping the other members whenever possible, making sure to stay within the rules.

This kind of reflects what I have done for my previous journey:

As I have mentioned in the day one thread, three years ago I was facing health related issues. Therefore I decided that I would have to take the direction of studying health and fitness sciences in order to help myself to regain my life back. Then, I committed myself with consistency to a long fitness and nutrition journey, making myself accountable along the way with other highly motivated people.

Benjamin Franklin said: ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!’ However, then, I shall have to execute the plan and do it consistently!


Exactly Peter, I couldn’t have said it better


Ive often thought of Iceland in this regard, im friends with the parents of an Australian guy who lives there and he loves it.


where are you facing?

I am facing the toughest journey of my life, filled with many challenges and a direction blurred by the sand that life’s wind throws at us. However, all this is consolidated by my morale compass which I would not possess if it were not for my family, my partner, a few select friends and my comical pet dog, Ozzy. I am facing the very storm that my beloved ones have faced before me, but have overcome it and taught me the fundamental principles to navigate through it. I am facing my family right in front of me, because what is beyond them, and only because of them that it exists, is sweet beautiful success. I am facing the very eyes that once upon a time, laid their eyes upon their bearers, as I DO to them. I face a better life with self-admission to my mistakes, and unhealthy life style choices. I face you all, virtually, transparent and with integrity that is developing with exponential growth comparable to BitCoin :slight_smile:

Where are you going?

I am going beyond an already pre-established professional career, and beyond the realms of day-to-day destinations; I am going to enlightenment. I believe with this, I am (meaning everyone important in my life) going to everywhere and anywhere, however, a sense of direction is needed to lay the foundations to such discovery. I am going towards a brighter future, healthier, more knowledgeable, one that benefits society and most importantly, I am going beyond the call of duty. I am going to success brothers and sisters.

What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction?

Curiosity, exploration, forgiveness, self-scrutiny, reflection; opening up on here. I am changing so much in my present life that is of detriment, with short term consequences, but with long term achievements, and again, dedicating myself to my family, career, interests, humanity, the crypto world and a strong sense of urgency to learn, learn, learn and disseminate to those who are not in the right circumstantial climate to be on the path i am about to walk on.

How can we keep you accountable?

By reinforcing everything i have just said via the support network on here, which I have to say, is just pure unity and passion. Divided we fall, united we stand, for every beach we represent the sand.


@peter I thought about how do you guys keep me accountable. I will sell now some of my NEO at break even compared to BTC and get some BTC and i will not sell it in the upcoming 1,5 year. Now you can hold me accountable for that. First part of the ticket (had parts of the ticket before but sold it).


This assignment didn’t entirely make sense to me, but the gist of it seemed to be what are my goals and what am I doing to meet them…If that’s the case.

I have but one goal at the moment and that’s to reach the million dollar net worth club. Decisions we’ve made made towards that goal:

  1. Be self-employed, pursue work that pays well and affords family time and time to invest.
  2. Reduce fixed expenses to cash flow positive.
  3. Put all excess monies to work making money.
  4. Be patient while the money does it’s job.

I’m a long ways down the road towards reaching my goal. I’ve been at it 15 years, but only seriously for 8 years now. It first started with saving to money market account (back when interest rates could earn 6%! Then I started buying mutual funds. Then I learned to buy stocks directly. In the last six months, I have learned to trade stock options and am learning active trading and futures trading on the same stock trading platform (thinkorswim for those that are curious). Now as of mid-July, learning and trading digital currencies.



I’m not much with words. I would like to be self sufficient and live stress free!


I think that is the beautiful thing of the assignments. Open to interpretation and the meaning and value it holds for your self-progression.


As suggested somewhere connected with [#B90X] - DAY 1 was to answer without reading others comments. So I will do that here as well.

The direction I am going is… TO THE MOON! Been going in all sorts of directions for 72 years now and while in some ways I seem to be slowing down, in others I am picking up speed.

Some of the directional choices I made were towards sex, drugs, rock and roll, cars, RC airplanes. All of those choices have contributed to put me where I am today. On a friend’s property in Minnesota, helping him to start a farm. Something I know almost nothing about.

Same with Bitcoin. I know almost nothing about it other than THIS IS WHERE I AM GOING RIGHT NOW.

The behaviors I am exhibiting that support that direction? Only need one. Stay current on B90X each day.

How can you keep me accountable? We all need to keep ourselves accountable. In all parts of life, not just this one. Bring back accountability. It’s gone missing lately. Just decide to do it.

If I can make myself do this for two weeks, it will become a habit. That’s the key. I’ll make it happen for two weeks, no matter what. Then it becomes easy.

I’m reminded of something I did when in my teens. I was a skinny kid with a whole lot more problems than I wish to discuss here. Heh. But for some reason, I decided to see if I could do 100 pushups. Day one I could do maybe seven. But I decided to add one each day. I started counting with one. Next day I did two. I forget the actual number, but at some point, maybe twenty or thirty, it was really getting hard. Almost gave up, but didn’t. Then something magical happened. Around forty or fifty, it got easier and easier. I think I finally jumped from 80 or so right to 100.

Whatever we decide to do, we can do, if we just give ourselves the permission to do it. Decide to do it and stay accountable.

I choose to face toward the moon.


Beautiful words! It is actually so god damn refreshing and amazing to see a mature individual, exploring all avenues of life, not pertaining to stereotypical confirmity that comes with age or gender. WELCOME ABOARD THE SHIP TO THE MOON!


Thanks. I really appreciate your kind words.


Likewise my fellow cryptonaught


I want more financial freedom. That’s the direction I’m heading.
Also, I’m in for fun and the excitement of it. The idea behind blockchain is mind-blowing.


I heard about bitcoin so long ago and yet I am only now buying my Bitcoin! Had I been facing the right direction from then, I would have been elsewhere now. Nonetheless my journey begins today instead with that same first step.


I’m facing retirement in 3-7 years, depending on which path I go on. After going full circle (I bought 9 Bitcoin 3 years ago, got caughtup in some FUD & went into the stock market. Now I’m back and walking down CryptoCoin Blvd. Being a proper Irishman, I stepped into the Bitcoin Pub and drinking up every thing I can get my hands on, lol. The B90X is just the right way to make this a team journey! Shut up Sit down, Buckle up, HODL!!!


Hi dear Crypto Nation,

Currently, I’m a student that work and I’m going to be the financial independent person with the good tech knowledge.
I want to be a part of the future history - Bitcoin, as a part of something big.
I’m dreaming about charity programmes - something like school in my city etc, where we would teach kids valuable information, not in the speculative or propagandistic way. I want to be a part of intellectual society, which understand that war is not a way to solve the problem. I have dreams and want to grow in that way)
We are on the way bright future) TO THE MOOON)

Best regards,
Roman Hapatyn