#B90X - DAY 2 - Where are You Facing?



I’m facing a crazy crazy world. A world full of technology. Raising 2 children is frankly scary as hell in our current world. I’m facing a significant shift in the financial world, social networking world, political world, technological world and the list goes on. I am facing a world and I want you all to face it with me. Because it’s scary, this unknown. To be a responsible father means I need to keep up with what is happening around me and crypto I believe will be the future in some form or another and I need to be current or risk falling behind.


I am where i’m at; an emigrant from Northern Ireland, living a semi self sufficient lifestyle in the hills on acreage, on an island off the southern coast of mainland Australia. The catalyst for such a move was due to my disdain for the political/sectarian situation of my home country. My experiences of which enlightened me to the abuse of power wielded by self serving, power hungry sociopathic politicians, councilors and authors of governmental policy, the actions of whom are given justification by the social engineers who spoon feed the masses their morally corrupt, criminal garbage.

When i broke from my socially engineered, parochially minded thought bubble, one that has succeeded in keeping hundreds of thousands of others in my home country mentally dulled, wasting their energy, time and lives focusing on an issue, that looked upon from the outside is nothing other than a big fing joke, I came to the conclusion that world over, the powers that be want us to be compliant, statist, non thinking plebs who look upon the government as provider of our security, health, education and financial well being. What has been the result of giving governments our trust? A failing system staring into the abyss of its inevitable demise. Where im facing now is a result of foreseeing major change a long long time ago.


Off the grid. Respect. Left the UK for a decade myself. Back in Wales at the moment and the politics are fucking woeful. No good alternatives on the horizon. Actually, the most likely alternative currently looks worse than ever. Looking to get back off the grid myself soon.


Hi Gareth, is there anywhere in Europe that offers a greater sense of freedom to what the toxic environment of the UK offers? Spain? Portugal?


Where as 3 helps 1 & 2 helps 3. :thinking:


Depends on what your metrics are, I suppose. My metric would be the degree to which a countries rules, regulations, and taxes correlated with libertarian principles. If you look at lists of the most libertarian countries in Europe, apparently Denmark and Luxembourg score high in different areas. I’m a big fan of low taxes and direct democracy, so Switzerland is probably good. Portugal and the Netherland have the decriminalised drug scenes. I think I’d rather go back to southeast Asia though. You can hide in the chaos and the taxes are low to non-existent.


I kinda feel it’s like compound interest, just for self and financial development? It might all just be different sides of the same coin tho xD


We must help each other if we are going to go the distance! Glad you’re here friend!


Dang man. Now I’m all interested.


I’d say Iceland would be pretty good for this sort of isolation…been there its beautiful


What direction am I facing?

Forward. Always forward. Some people look to the past as a way of looking at themselves and their surroundings. Things were easier then, I was happier then etc. Other people, like my darling wife, live in the moment. Maybe some side-ways referencing but very much in the moment. Me, I look fwd. In some ways that’s a problem. Like when one can’t quite enjoy the moment enough because the mind shoots to something further ahead. Anyway I am right where I always wanted to be, which in a strange way is a re-creation of my childhood. No financial concerns, a good woman in my life and surrounded by nature and animals… So I am facing in the ‘more of the same’ direction which still means my eyes are fixed on tomorrow and what I can achieve then.
However life isn’t just about the individual, so I find it important to mention that my wider societal position is also forward. Forward moving through forward thinking! I am into crypto, not just because it will make me money. I’ve got passive income already. But because we as a community are sowing the seeds, and tending to the sprouts, of cultural, societal, economical and political change. While feeling fairly impotent as a voter, I now feel the massive and exciting potential to facilitate real change in the world. Onwards and upwards we march!

Where am I going?

My wife and I have spent the last 7 years being told we can’t have children. Tried IVF, traditional Chinese medicine etc. When yourself is all that matters it becomes very easy to mainly be ambitious about monetary success. After achieving a fair deal of that we decided to go with our hearts, leave London and all its trappings, and buy a house in France. We haven’t got a neighbour in a 2mile radius and live surrounded by streams, animals and woodland. With all this fertility around us it isn’t all together a surprise that my wife found out last month that she is pregnant. So where am I going? In a very literal way I am staying right where I am, while in the figurative I am going to a place where I can secure more of this worry-free life, not for us, but for my future child. Again, in order to really give my unborn child a better word to live in, it’s important that the focus is not just me. My family. The focus and the motivation that drives me is being a bit-part of creating a better, more transparent and more free world for all of us.

What behaviours…?

  • Being dedicated to learning. Another reason for leaving our old life was that after a while of doing the same thing one’s personal development trajectory levels off. I’m not down with that!
  • Considering myself the dumbest fuck in the room, in the most positive sense where I try to be aware of all the things I don’t yet know, rather than revelling in what I do know.
  • Reaching out and sharing knowledge rather than sitting on it. Learning is enhanced by teaching.
  • Actively being involved in the relevant communities. Stronger together. This goes for the crypto community as well as my little rural Southern French community.
  • Bin off facebook, gaming, weed-smoking (well not all together - should go without saying) and other vacuous time-wasting pursuits that ultimately don’t contribute to a positive state of mind (purely personal, not judging).

How can you keep me accountable?

I really don’t think you can. Nor do I think you should.
The way the pack helps the individual is by being there as a unit. You are already there. Already helping.


Glad you’re here bro. Let’s do this.


In the short term, I am facing having to re-finance my house by July 2018 (due to an owner contract coming due), and in order to do that I will need to finish the remodel and make sure my earnings are high enough to qualify. All of that boils down to me generating as much USD as possible! The immediate action I am taking on that today is that I am showing a house to an investor this morning, and then I set a listing appointment for Monday morning (I am a real estate agent). I am also actively trying to sell 7 vacant lots, and 1 Residence. On my off time this weekend I will continue working on remodeling my house (specifically I am working on all of my exterior projects so that I finish that before it starts raining in Oct). In the long term I am actively buying crypto and getting set up to better day trade forex. I want to capitalize on the downfall of the fiats and pour my profits into crypto!!! Once my house is re-financed, I will look at focusing more time on trading. I really like how the Dogelord mentioned buying $100 worth of BTC every Friday. I started that yesterday (although I put in $500 to make up for the past 4 weeks that I hadn’t done it, ha)! Too bad everything got slaughtered right after I bought, although in the long term it won’t matter. I am also committed to participating and finishing B90X. After 2 days I can already tell that my perspective is changing, so I can’t wait to see how I am on day 91.


Congrats on the news about the child on the way!! awesome. I can tell you from experience your facing a couple of years of broken sleep!!! but its worth it man!


I’m facing forward.
I’m climbing the mountain to the moon, step-by-step.
I’m studying, learning and watching where I plant my feet.
Confidence and eagerness and having fun!
By checking progress from where I was before to where I am now periodically.


Thanks mate. It will be one of the madest trips I’ve ever done, I’m sure of that :slight_smile:
I’m sure it must give a different motivation, as you are all of a sudden working for something greater…


Where am I facing? I’m facing with new chapter of my life everyday, getting my astrophysics degrees which makes/forces me to constantly learning all the time, meeting more good people to improve myself.

Where am I going? I hopefully will be successful in academic career, being a lecturer, doing research to reveal the secrets of the universe without worrying about money (hopefully). And most importantly, I wanna help others because there are so many people who have potential but don’t have a chance to go to school or university.

What behaviors am I exhibiting that support that direction?
“Self-discipline” ,“Time management” which leads to “Being more productive”


Where are you facing? learning new world finance, aka crypto, and build wealth and trading skill
Where are you going? trading daily, trying to make most btc at it
What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction? learning a lot from youtube, and throwing a lot of money into crypto lol.
How can we keep you accountable? hopefully next year this time we can come back to visit this page and see if we have all made it


I’m staring crypto currency wealth in the face, that is what I’m facing. I’m going right for it. My behaviour to warrant that I will move in that direction is 4-5 hours of self education of crypto currencies every evening plus complete weekends. No need for others to hold me accountable, as I’m driven by passion, not by discipline.


Facing towards financial freedom. My idea of it is not fancy… It is just to put me in a situation where I can have the financial autonomy to make my own choices without depending on others, so I can put in place a simple and meaningful life.

I am going towards a balanced life (emotionally and financially), cause I know that what I hold is what holds me.

For this I am always questioning my choices, educating myself, putting in the work cause I know that my income is my outcome. Meditation, eating better, taking time for my family, taking care of my body, learning to say no, so to concentrate in what is important and necessary towards my goals. Taking responsibility for my choices and my situation.

How can the group help me? I have a hard time participating and sharing, so ask me too from time to time. When we express ourselves we have to organise thoughts and give them a sense. This exercise alone my clear the head and makes us see what is there instead of what we’ve created in our minds. I am mostly a quiet reader. I am doing an effort here. Need your support when I am tired… when the road seems unclear… when fear will be affecting good decisions…