#B90X - DAY 2 - Where are You Facing?



Thanks. Glad to be here!


I’m facing towards not working for The Man anymore. I’m looking at not being shackled to a 9-5 and having the freedom to spend more time with my family and helping others.

I get at 4:30 every weekday and get started working on side income. Crypo is part of that side income and I’m looking to add this into that routine. It’s slow work, but I stay focused on where I’m going and make the deposits daily.


So unpacking this personally, I’m perhaps reflecting on what has brought me to where I am today. This can have been unconscious or conscious behaviours and decisions or both. Irrespective, these would have been driven by motives, incentives, disincentives. Behavioural economics.

A good framework to reflect on what has brought someone to where they are might be the categorisations of secondary motives. Primary motives are those biological imperatives - fight, fuck, dash up a tree to escape a mammoth, sleep in the branches. From that perspective, someone might argue that I’m here driven by the potential of crypto to make me cash and with cash you can buy Lambos and with Lambos you can get people to perpetuate your genes with. And pay for cheeseburgers to fill your belly and builders to put up thick walls that will defend you from whatever stands in for the threat previously posed by those mammoths.

Secondary motives are learnt. They’re social. These social motives can be split into categories of 1. Achievement motives, 2. Affiliation motives, 3. Aggression motives, 4. Power motives, and 5. Curiosity motives.

So using these as a framework, I’ll analyse what brought me here and derive from these motivations, where I am going.

  1. Achievement motives

Achievement is the pursuit of excellence. I will admit that I spent my 20s more in the pursuit of recreational drugs and hedonism. I’ve spent my 30s ever since trying to catch up. Trying to make the best of, in relative terms, winning the genetic lottery of having an above average IQ, that I had wasted for over a decade. I’ve spent the last few years attaining academic qualifications that have, as Einstein rightly identified, trained me to think as opposed to purely helping me absorb facts. And as a result of this enhanced ability to think in terms of my field, it has helped me pursue informally areas such as economics which, critically, help you to think…critically.

So, I’ve attained the ability to think along the way and have a thirst for achievement. At some point these paths have winded and converged on the potential of crypto. This democratised, decentralised, levelling technology that potemtially gives us the opportunity to improve society, drag us out from under the yolk of establishment politics, lemon socialism. The ability to improve a society based on the free market, meritocracy and transparency. And when something is that fucking good. That fucking promising and you’ve been a bum for too long, you want yo be a part of it. You want to be front and centre.

  1. Affiliation motives

We are social animals. We look to be a part of a tribe. For mutual benefit that speak to those biological imperatives again. However, through my studies and my work, I am fully committed to the model of open, colaborative interaction. Communities with shared purposes can help each other build. Tribes wouldn’t just have one guy sticking the slabs on top of each other to keep the sabre-toothed tiger out. They’d work together. SO I’m here, writing this now as I obviously want that community around me that can help me grow and achieve what I want to achieve. And in turn I can hopefully help others. That mutual benefit of sharing ideas, experimentation, constructive criticism and building is the gel that creates genuine learning and development.

  1. Aggression motives

I believe this relates to both destructive death urges as well as productive life urges. We are all taking a risk here. There is a chance that the mighty governmental ban hammer will fall everywhere at once. No matter how small. While we believe that the free market will always win out, not all would escape the heavy toll extracted by the old system chasing down the new. “The old world is dying and the new world struggles to be born. Now is the time of monsters” is what Antonio Gramsci wrote in one of Mussolini’s fascist prison cells. And maybe our want to smash the old system, that of vested interests controlling and snuffing out innovation, is one of that destructive aggression. Or one which wants to bring life. Maybe they’re the same thing. So, we want to destroy the shit old state of things and bring to life a better world.

  1. Power motives

So power motives relate to our desire to have power over others or at least influence them. We might want to be a success in the sphere of crypto or just simply investment so we have the financial clout and influence to get people to do shit for you. I feel personally, that I’d like the power to not be under the power of someone else. To be able to financially extricate myself from having someone else having that power over me. To be my own boss.

  1. Curiosity motives.

Easy. You just want to see where this road goes. It’s possibly going to go somewhere new and exciting. Between the days of recreational drugs and parties and applying myself, I travelled a lot. And then travelled some more. I took a train from Beijing to fucking Finland and then a boat and then some more trains to London a few years ago. WHy do we do this? Because we want to see something new. We want to look out the window through the haze of four cans of strong Muscovite beer and wonder how the fuck these guys in Siberia live at 30-. We might even get out and speak to them. The internet gives us the opportunity to find out new things and now the Internet of money is perhaps giving us the opportunity to see a new world too.

tl;dr and result of reflection - I want the fact that I’m on this ride, earlier than most, to help me be a success and make up for some time (enjoyably) wasted, so I can be independent and enjoy this journey to who the fuck knows where.

When Lambo?


Also want to say how cool and exciting it is to be lead through this program from a Scrum trainer and somebody who knows how to motivate and teach others. Thanks for putting this together.


I comment this on the tube video but it’s probably better to post in here with my friends lol!

Where’s the LOVE button! I’m facing the moon and to support my take off I have

  • Read everything I can find online in order to learn, and watched all of Peters videos
  • Invested into my first amount of BTC (which has just paid off it’s own fees and surpassed my investment amount)
  • Currently learning about property investment and offered to shadow a local investor (I intend to be doing with Crypto not Fiat)
  • Offered my graphic design skills for free to a friend of mine with an excellent business model that I believe in
  • Offered my graphic design skills for free to a friend of my mothers who just opened her first Indian restaurant
  • Continue to support my husband in his business ventures by managing his business ( he secured two new events for October)
  • Looking at the bigger picture which is uplifting our struggling community (make money, make a plan, help others)
  • Living frugally so every spare dollar can go on education and BTC.

I believe I am facing the right direction. What has made it so much easier, is finding you Peter, and all of our #cryptonation at the #bitcoinpub
I feel super confidant.


Where am I facing?
Well I’m facing my goals with clarity and focus.
Through my 20’s I’ve done things that I’ve had to work and work and work and WORK at to achieve. I’ve always known that I had this tenacious fire and WHEN I KNOW WHAT I WANT I go get it! But I haven’t always known what I’ve wanted out of life and fear and doubt have crept up on me a few times and held me back.
About 9 months ago I started on a fitness journey, knowing what I wanted to achieve and I’ve put in consistent effort and focus. Fitness and health is a lifelong game, the work is never done and I’m happy with that! I feel like the mindset needed for fitness is very similar to that of crypto or any goal-orientated venture that you embark on.
My goal/direction now is involving myself in this cryptocurrency world. Not purely for financial gain (Although YES I want that freedom!) but because of the potential for crypto to change the world works, the way we interact, the way we consume and the way we THINK about consuming. Anything that has the potential to give power back to the people is something worth focusing on and working towards.
My goals are:
Practice TA skills
Develop a deeper understanding of the technical side of cryptocurrency.
Work on developing methodical, not emotional, strategies for trading.
Make financial gains! 1st stop - Moon ticket!
Become a valued member of the cryptonation

What steps am I taking?
LEARNING! Making small goals everyday that will teach me something! Watching videos, listening to podcasts, reading books (Currently on ‘The Death of Money’ by James Rickards), getting opinions, posting in DA PUB! Trying out some TA strategies, making mistakes and giving myself feedback.
I’m getting another part time job for extra income that I can use for crypto (I need my moon ticket!). That way I don’t have the stress of 'risking what I can’t afford’
Also inviting people I know into the Cryptonation so we can learn and grow together!

How can we keep you accountable?
By engaging with me! But at the end of the day it’s MY job to keep MYSELF accountable. Just like hauling myself out of bed at 5am everyday to get to the gym before work - NOONE ELSE IS GONNA DO IT FOR YOU. I am responsible for where I go in life.

But yeah…having this place is rather nice too! <3


I have recently (over the past year-ish) realized this concept first-hand. The way I put it is: What you surround yourself with, you will become. I’ve always been smart and what I would consider a good person, so I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t going anywhere in my life, why I couldn’t find passion in anything, why I got myself into some bad situations that a “good person” probably wouldn’t get themselves into. I finally figured out that I was surrounding myself with people who weren’t doing anything with their lives, people who were immoral, and people who weren’t intelligent. Of course I ended up being like them, despite having better intentions and potential. Over the past year I have cut out many people in my life, added people into my life whom I admire and want to be like, and have been working towards the best version of myself that I can be. I will continue to work on 3 main things: gym, crypto, and attitude. I’m glad to be here with all of my fellow Cryptonation and of course the doge lord himself. Let’s go to the moon.


Awesome pic and so glad you’re here! People like you make this place awesome!


I’m facing a 19 inch Dell LCD screen that I bought in college back in 04 :wink:

Where I am today is a reflection of the choices I have made in the past.
Nobody but me is responsible for that and so it will be in the future.
I value my personal freedom very highly and have expressed this fully.
I feel though to have overcompensated a bit to my parents restrictive upbringing.
I know now I can do what I want, when I want, how I want. But does it bring me where I want to go?

Maybe, but not fast enough. I have a clear vision of where I’m heading and through the cryptospace I’m planning to fasttrack that. I feel this is a massive opportunity and I am very thankful for that. It is up to me to make the best of this experience and share it with others.
To maximize on this opportunity I have to discipline myself and am committed for the next 41 months. By that time I’m generating enough income through my investments to live even more free than I do now. I’ll still work on projects that I love as it is my purpose in life to help create a sustainable economy. But I’ll take my family on holiday now and than… to da MOON :bitrocket:

And remember: face first in the DOGEhouse :joy::joy:



Well, ever since I worked my first job at 18 I’ve wanted to retire early (oh the reactions I’d get when I said that to people back then lol). At 20, through a mentor figure, I was introduced to someone who taught me all about trading stocks and FX in short and long term trends. Ever since then I’ve been working at a blue-collar job, taking 70% of my savings and continually reinvesting it. During that time I also cultivated good habits in health and control of my mind through eating properly, exercise, and reading.

So where am I going? Kind of like crypto, there’s another emerging market that excites me and that I believe will make the world a better place: Legal Cannabis in 2018. In my free time when I’m not learning crypto stuff I’m laying the groundwork for my business. Planning the budget, getting a logo designed, speaking with a lawyer, a cannabiz accountant, learning about hiring employees, looking at retail spaces, and so on…

So why am I doing this? I want a better life for myself, my family, my business partner. The science behind cannabis also fascinates me and has many health applications… and it’s fun! (in moderation!). And if it all goes well, guess what I’m doing? Buying more tickets to the MOON with my higher income. Never stop learning, never stop having passion for your interests. :v:


I have changed my direction multiple times in life. Today, I find my direction in these three things:

  1. Humor: Making someone laugh.
  2. Educate: find something to learn new everyday (with crypto its pretty damn easy, there is too much to learn)
  3. Pay it forward: taking care of those around you.


Well I am facing the things I don’t know & want to learn more.
Face your fears :slight_smile:


Where am I facing?
Currently, I want to get into postgraduate research. I also want to find a way to help supplement my income a little bit for when I get in so that I can spend more time studying and worry less about working to make enough money to support myself.

Where am I going and what behaviors am I exhbiting to support that direction?
At the moment, progress in writing my proposal has been stagnant (about 1.5 years :expressionless: ). But
I try to set and achieve little goals every day towards building up the big picture of my proposal. I’ve also been working to save some money for when I get into my course and recently found crypto as a potential means to help me make a little extra.

How can we keep you accountable?
Seeing whether I post every day in the B90X program to see that I remain committed to my crypto sub-goal towards better supporting myself (seriously @peter I think this was a wicked idea to help people like myself stay focused on the long term game rather than get discouraged after a few weeks like you mentioned) and giving me feedback when I post in the Pub (or maybe that’s an if…still a little nervous to try posting ta in the Pub :sweat: ).


I am facing the direction of understanding and living a sane and profitable investor mindset. Through the mistakes and the repairs and the recoveries and reality checks keeping my eye on my intention of supporting myself with my earnings. Doing it all in peace and confidence that in this journey I have mentors and peers and company.

I am doing my best, everyday, to translate the recommendations and rules to the size that I have the ability to manage and afford. Afford, being the key word here. And, having a lark in the process.


i am facing the direction of creating financial security and social freedom for my new wife and myself. We have taken initiative of not letting things hold us back no matter how busy we are, we remind each other to be unreasonable and make the move towards what we want. We currently are starting a business called The Accessible Yoga Project (www.theaccessibleyogaproject.com , NOTE: Not live yet). We have put ourselves on this path of being successful and stable and that is the direction we are facing and will continue to face “go.”


Lots of good responses here. Personally I’ve always known I was gonna be in crypto because I believe so strongly in the tech, and have been in since 2015. I haven’t made huge amounts because I’m playing with very small money, but i’m trying to change that. I’m actually meeting with my dad tomorrow to discuss getting him into crypto, and he has a lot more money to throw at it. Hoping to change my family and friends lives for the better.

Thank you everyone here for helping me do that!


I am fortunate enough to be facing in the direction to financial freedom. I grew up in a little fishing town in Alaska and I learned how to work hard at a young age. I joined the Army when I was 18 and got sent to Afghanistan after 9/11… I learned a trade after I got out and then the recession hit. Lost my job and used my G.I. bill to go to school. Worked for a non-profit that helped vets with PTSD for a couple of years. I’ve had the privilege to travel around the world. The truth is, I feel lost. I found out about crypto and it’s the first thing that has held my attention for more than a week. My goals are to learn this in and out. To not make anymore dumb moves. I want to travel more and help do my part in this world to make it a better place…


Where are you facing?

Hopefully towards financial freedom, but not just my freedom; everyone’s freedom. Freedom from debt. Freedom from overbearing regulations. Freedom to be with my family. Freedom to live.

I’m facing a healthier me, physically, psychologically, and financially.

Where are you going?

I’m going to the Tha Pub of course! I also started going to the gym a little over a year ago.

What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction?

One thing that I am learning is patience. Patience with all aspects of life, not just in the crypto world. To not let my emotions dictate by behavior. Another key is being a part of this community where my knowledge can grow.

How can we keep you accountable?

This community is the keel that helps me have greater direction thanks to its great resources, but ultimately, the only person who can keep me accountable is myself.


The direction I’m facing is being disciplined person and being able to complete the goals set

I’m going to the point where I’m the :
Professional in the blockchain technologies area
Guru of software development
Owner of lots of BTC :slight_smile:

I’m trying to learn the new things every day and apply them where possible
Doing Actions is important, that’s why I’m here


I’m facing the TV and when i go i go backwards.