#B90X - DAY 2 - Where are You Facing?



I’m facing the future of our way of life, I’m determined to live sustainably and help support the community. Right now I’m networking and researching/learning Linux.
Much love!


I’m facing the greatest future a person could ever ask for


Goal/Direction - financial freedom and enjoy life to the fullest

  • Working 9 to 5 (money grinding)

  • Saving money

  • Studying and reading


I’m 19 years old.
I really hope I can get my act together and get to work. This coming week I’m starting a coding bootcamp, and to be honest Im not too worried about working hard or doing well over there. I’m much more worried about when I get out and am on my own again. I seem to have been displaying a track record of immense laziness, in the sense in which I cover all my household duties and my duties to myself… But when it comes to progressing on my own without an imposed track/path to follow I seem to not be able to to hold any consistency when doing my work. This is weird because I do enjoy the work when I’m doing it but I always seem to end up doing other things like YouTube and Netflix before ever getting to work. There is regret afterwards but it’s never enough to get me to work. I think the problem may be the lack of a well defined goal as well as a self defined path (as in path made by me) to follow. If anyone can give any advice on this? Maybe on how to best set up scheduling or setting up a strict path to follow for myself. Now more on the path I’m aiming to follow -->
I have a relatively good idea of the direction I want to go but I’m afraid that it’s not nearly specific enough.
The path I’m looking at is this:

  1. Finish the coding bootcamp coming up and work hard
  2. Get a web deveoper job somewhere nearby to me if possible, or anywhere if not. (All the while DCA-ing BTC and learning all I can about blockchain development)
  3. After 1.5/2 years of working at that job, begin looking for remote work, preferably in the blockchain space.
  4. Get a remote job and from there I have no idea where I’ll go…

What I’m doing every day:
I’m not doing something every single day and thats a problem. But when I do end up doing something it’s usually a development course on udemy, or working through freecodecamp…
I also have multiple free courses on Udacity…

Thanks for reading this. I really do hope I can get my act together, I do realize that it’s in my hands so I’m not looking for sympathy only advice or critiscism.


Personal responsibility for my actions to be where I am right now. Which isn’t where I want to be right now but it’s a beautiful thing recognizing what I don’t want and being able to acknowledge I don’t like this so what do I really want. Then just have to keep facing towards direction that I want to be in to manifest the things I do want. Intentionally.


I’m facing new places where change is not only the word from self help books!

Change which is mandatory!

I’m facing good future, better one with the best people in the face of the earth!


I think your goals are defined enough. As for making a schedule the day on timeboxing will help with that, but it takes time and discipline to find the method that you will adhere too.


I’m facing towards Yen and the yennation. I’m experimenting, learning, and growing. Discovering that which I do not want as well as that which I do.


The direction I am facing is my desire to be financially independent. Working every day towards that! Baby steps it seems at times. But only the strong shall survive. :muscle:


  • Where are you facing?
    I’m facing towards hope, I can see a crypto future world and I want my piece and I gonna get it. I usually face many directions and paths but yet I am hoping it will take me to the same place which simply put is happiness. As we know here in the USA we are free to pursue happiness, but it’s not guaranteed, that part is up to me.

  • Where are you going?
    I’m going to the moon with you guys and maybe bring a few friends along the way.

  • What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction?
    I’m learning, buying, hodling, mining, checking, adjusting, learning, learning and learning.

  • How can we keep you accountable?
    more tools, downloads, and daps


Sometimes, I feel like my direction changes by the minute but it always bounces back pretty quickly to investing into my freedom. I am all over the place with my investing. My time is valuable to me, waste it and you will see an angry man :wink: