#B90X - DAY 2 - Where are You Facing?



“Where you are facing is where you’ll go. The direction you’re going, is where you’ll face.”
I guess the real trick is to face the direction you want to and go. The distractions of life make you turn in directions unintended. Stepping into the crypto universe has made me face my future. I’m 50 and I guess this is as good of a midlife crisis as there should be. The pension and 401k wont mean much when the dollar’s buying power is wiped out. The change that is coming is going to wipe out people who are not paying attention. So my intention is to stop struggling financially. I cannot make it happen over night, but I’m facing the right direction now. And my attention is on getting that first bitcoin. I started with $200, then added $130, and today I sent another $150. Its starting. I’m facing that first bitcoin with intention. I hope to find ways to speed things up, and I expect I’m facing the right direction for that to.


I’m facing the moon. Recently began experiencing some financial hardship, but I am holding on and at the end of the day, I always think of a positive out of a negative. I believe in the crypto space and believe in good karma; I am a good person and tend to always think things happen for a reason. My current financial hardship could be a sign that I need to better manage finances and extravagant expenses. One thing I have learned and also found quite humorous in my situation is that no matter how much you prepare, you can’t avoid the inevitable, or on a deeper level, your destiny. Sometimes, you have to face certain hurdles in order to get to the end.


I’m facing the direction of my goals. I am making sure I follow through, stick with and finish my projects, goals, promises. I surround my self with people who support and drive me to those goals.


I am facing a direction of clarity, one that has been informed by the last year. I am facing the realised potential of how far i can finally go, and that it is me who has persevered to get there, and support from many; that i can happily say i face the right direction; but i do believe, our direction changes which to me means the ability to be versatile.

Doing this last year, and doing it now; i see how one year of mistakes and using b90 to reflect, has really informed the direction; and its beautiful.


I’m facing a change. I started again knocking to some doors. Doesn’t matter if they will be open or not, my decisions matter.

I will be knocking to every doors I can, some of them, will be opened, my job is to do it and not giving up.


B90X day 2.2
I am facing the moon.
I only started this particular Journey a month or so ago. But as with all of my journeys of the past I always throw myself in a 100+ percent.
I have had many hobbies and interests in the past. All of them I got great at. Some unfortunately I lost interest in because they didn’t satisfy that part of me that reaches for big accomplishment. The two favorite things I’ve done is teach myself guitar and teach myself how to make furniture. of course now that I’ve landed myself a job as a carpenter I haven’t made any furniture lol.
I foresee this new vector, the moon, via cryptocurrency, we’ll open up my horizons to anything else I want to reach for. I’ll either reach the Moon or have an explosion on the way


im facing in a direction of a well disciplined life
im going to the moon with the rest of my brothers
i stay focus with the least amount of distractions so i can get work done


In the spaceship only facing up at the moon with the crypto nation.


I’m facing in the direction of Python, more advanced TA/charting, and writing daily. I want this to take me to creating software, I thinking being able code at high enough level to further the progression of the blockchain would be epic. I want to write daily to improve my communications skills. And the more advanced TA/charting is so I can maximize them short term gains so I can grow that BTC pile.


I’m facing the direction of great personal development. Still need to work hard on it. But I’m trying to improve myself every day.


I am looking at the top of the mountain getting one step closer every day.:+1:,


Well, it’s probably not an easy answer, but to be short, I’m trying to learn a lot about the crypto world, and I know nothing to be honest, but I know that step by step I will be able to learn always more. Which direction I’ll go is a bit harder to predict, but I think I’m on the right way to reach my goals


I have focused my efforts onto helping people as much as possible. I have been working to find like-minded individuals because I believe that more hands make light work. My behaviors stem from a core belief that there is enough on Earth for everyone and that there is more that connects us than divides us.

I am consistently making new friends and acquaintances by talking about Crypto currency. I have begun to build a supportive community by creating a discord server. If you would like to join us, please PM me!

I <3 B90x!

See you for day three peeps!


I think people should jump in. Good server for everything crypto!


Right now I couldn’t pick a specific direction any more. The path I was on is showing to be misguided and I have pushed forward on it for many years. In reassessing my current situation I truly feel like a weather vane being pushed back and forth towards maintaining my professional aspirations and going off in a new direction. What I do know is that I am committed to caring for my family and have intelligence and a work ethic that will allow me to contribute to my children’s future. I am currently not accountable, as I am looking for a way to go. I am accountable in the sense that I am keeping a roof over my family’s head and maintaining my work at a level that meets the expectations of my supervisors.
As I post this I haven’t a clue as how to change course and am trying to find my way.


I’m facing community, kids, virutal worlds, creative ventures, entrepreneurship, streaming money…

Preparing for Yen release…want to bring as many people onboard as possible - exponential growth…

Sometimes I think I get ahead of myself concentrating on the end goals and big picture, I need to be held accountable for daily, hourly, consistent communications and focus. Thanks ya’ll! :blush:


Aug 4
I’ve lived in apartment, owned house in the city, not my cup of tea. Bought a house in countryside last year. I’m happy about the situation, though there’s a lot work to do.
I’m going foward to making my own business. At home of course.
Learning and experimenting through the info I get from tbp and patreon.
I’ll try to stay focused and take baby steps for small daily wins. :sunglasses:


I want to face forward and take my family with me. I’m would us to be financially comfortable. Some of the behaviors that hinder this are making excuses and blaming others for my situation. I know this will hold us back.


Where are you facing? For today, I’m facing homeschooling my last 2 children, providing an income for my family and taking care of my disabled husband however I am constantly facing towards a better future with the goals of developing the programs that I am working on.

Where are you going? I’m going for world domination!!!….er…. well at least going towards a self sustaining system that provides for liberty for me, my family and others.

What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction? My daily routines and mastering my time and finances are huge steps towards the direction I am headed. I invest time each day towards studying and working on improving my skills and knowledge in crypto technology, business and finances. I strive to remain optimistic and seek ways to improve no matter what situations or circumstances arise. I strive daily to accomplish something towards my project no matter how small that accomplishment may be.

How can we keep you accountable? Since I’m new to the pub I’m not sure how that would be achieved.


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