#B90X - DAY 2 - Where are You Facing?



FOMO… I’m facing my own FOMO and I continue to let it get the best of me… 2 days ago I wanted to buy icx at 2.60 but I didn’t, instead telling myself to stick to the dca plan… last night I got out of bed after going to bed to run down to my computer and I bought icx at 4.03… now today it’s down to around 3.80… I gotta get myself facing the right way and take control of my FOMO and FUD and instead become more disciplined… and I realize this to be true in all areas of my life… can’t wait for day 3… cya…


Where am I facing? The direction I am facing is financial freedom and independence from corporate culture. The last 6 years I have worked hard to achieve a career that I always wanted. I did achieve it and quite frankly, it’s a great job. I work as a game dev at a pretty awesome studio. However, I desire the financial freedom and independence to be able to break free from corporate culture that demands so much time from my family and non-work related life goals.

To do this I am auditing all of my time, and choosing to spend it wisely as often as I can. Crypto has become a huge part of that and is a large part of my plan for the future. However, I am also researching ways to generate more income outside of my work salary.

One of my biggest goals at the moment is make every minute of my days intentional. I’m trimming the fat of “useless” time wasters all over and making sure that I spend my time on things with value, whether monetary value or life value.

Thanks for putting together this site and all your resources as they are currently a large part of the content that is helping me grow. :beers:


Thank you Peter. After reading Satoshi’s BitCoin white paper and discovering some of the answers I have been longing for, I know this is getting good!

When riding a motorcycle, where you focus on is where you will end up. Without setting a goal, I wouldn’t know if I am facing the wrong direction. My current situation is I want to explore all the potentials I may have, generate energy from it and perhaps even make this world a better place. Too high a goal? maybe not. I just want to be happy and I want all the people around me even strangers to be happy. That is where I am facing. :slight_smile:


Not bad. Specific goals help tho…


My goals for 2018:

  1. at least 1 BTC (I’m currently at .65…
  2. 10,000 DGB (I dunno why, I just want them)
  3. DCA ICX, (so far so good…)
  4. Build my mining rig (just waiting for GPUs prices to come down)


My goals:

  • Earn at least 1 bitcoin with my 0.5 BTC trading investment in 2018
  • 1.5x my mining investment.
  • Learn all I could learn about bitcoins & altcoins, so I can trade not on emotions / FUD / FOMO
  • Hodl the technology, not the coins…

I could have bought bitcoins for $300 back in the day, or mine a bunch of them by now… but I only want to look forward, not back. Get in the game, it’s never too late! This is the technology for the next 1,000 years.


I believe that I am facing and going over some major financial obstacles in my life this year in 2018. I am changing my mindset that I am an overcomer and that I am able to accomplish my goals that I have set out.
I am excited for my future and the future of my four children.


“The longest journey starts with a single step.”

It was super hard for me to do my initial investment into cryptocurrency. I didn’t want to take money from the family budget so I decided to sell off items I wasn’t personally using to get my initial investment. But I am looking forward to 5 years from now being able to work a little less and spend more time with my kids. I cut out all my wasteful spending so I can invest 100 or so bi-weekly that ill most likely DCA into two coins for 2018. Any items I sell will also be put into the pool.


Awesome. I love scrounging around looking what I can sell (even for fiat) so I can slam it into crypto.

Even a small bit is better than a useless gadget sitting on a shelf.


Which way am I facing?
Looking at financial freedom for my self and my family. Looking to learn more about cryptos by educating myself about TA and fundamentals of these companies. Looking always to become a better husband and dad.
I find TA and chart analysis very interesting (what a geek) . I also realize that TA is just part of the equation and fundamentals are also very important if not more. Thanks to Petaaaah and John and the whole bitcoin pub family and the cryptonation I can learn and learn and learn. I’m just a noob starting investing in cryptos since December of last year and have learned so much. I even getting some of the lingo down :grinning:. Day 2 of the #B90X challenge almost completed and looking forward to do all 90 . Thanks again fellas.


What direction I’m I facing? - I have been facing a career that was a huge leap of faith. Not knowing if I was making the right decision for me. After a year this career became comfortable, and it put me on a path to some retirement stability. Now that I have a family I wish I would have done somethings different, but you can’t change the past and you can’t see the future. Now it’s 3 yrs until I can retire from this career, then I will start working again some where else.

What direction I’m I headed? - I will be going back to college soon to get a degree, most liking in Business. This direction was already decided before being in the crypto space. Now that I’m here, I have this fire burning inside me to learn all I can about crypto and how it interlocks with business. I feel as though the initiative I once had in my 20’s has been rekindled.

How can I be kept accountable? - Accountability of my actions can only be quantified by what I do to be successful. It’s no ones fault but my own if I don’t do the things that I know are going to help me be successful. I will only be able to harvest the fruits of my labor with the work that is demanded to produce a profitable crop.


Man Peter, we getting deep now bro!

I have always believed in being prepared for uncertainty. Knowledge is power and those that you surround yourself with can also be the defining moment on whether you survive in all aspects of life.

Health: It all started with my health. I made the choice finally at the age of 40 (I’m 42 now), that I needed to address my health issues. I knew sacrifices needed to be made if I wanted to better myself physically internally and externally. I was able to control my type 2 diabetes with diet and exercise (without meds). I have a long way to go, but I am headed in the right direction.

Social: Toxic Relationships leads to self doubt. I was surrounded by people who constantly complained, criticized, and slandered those around because they thought they were better than you and others. This led to me feeling negative, hating life and feeling like I was incapable of achieving my goals because I was a failure. Especially those who mean well, the ones closest and dearest to you. I finally realized that even though I’m surrounded by all that negativity, i will not be swayed. I will surround myself by those who are positive, who give positive criticism, and in return, I will be positive. I will continue to lend my ear and heart to those who need it, but I will not let negative influences impair my judgement or give in to self doubt. I approach each day waking up as a blessing and look forward to the day because I am still here!

Finance: They say, rich people have multiple revenue streams. Why do I only have one! They say rich people never stop learning? Why did I stop trying to learn about new opportunities? I am a libertarian and I always loved the idea of a decentralized currency, why did I never learn more about Crypto? If I don’t believe that fiat currency or the stock market is free, why am I solely relying on fiat and my 401k? Now, I am taking necessary steps to learn more ways to invest. I am learning more ways to earn revenue. Diversify my investment portfolio and revenue streams.

Education: Never stop learning. Find those who are willing to teach. Find mentors. Find peers. You don’t have to know everything, but if you can surround yourself with those that do specialize in the area of interest, you are bound to learn as long you keep an open mind. I have mentors in my day trading community. I have you guys in the crypto community.

Accountability: I will play my role in this community. I will be supportive to all members, and hopefully become a contributor to the PUB.


Boom. Thank you sir for dropping this!
It’s the beginning of accountability! And I’ll remind you from time to time!

Remember, like I always say: “No one cares about your life enough to change it for you. YOU must do that.”


Facing West so I don’t miss the sunset reminding me that the moon is sure to follow.
Also facing forward and leaving the past behind.

Facing a future with health and wealth.

Since coming into this space I’ve felt a bit of rebirth. I’m starting new habits such as excercising daily not only my body but most certainly my mind. Waking up before 7am was never a habit of mine but in this New Year I’m seeing just how much I get accomplished while my colleagues are still in their pajgees and how much extra time is afforded for education and growth.


Crazy to come learn about crypto and be hit by this question. It made me stop a little and think about this question which made me realize that there’s a lot going on!!

Starting with my health which took another turn last year. I dislocated for the fifth time in my life while playing a tournament of ultimate Frisbee (yes, it’s ultimate! LoL). But this time it wasn’t so “simple” because my doctor said I have to go through surgery if I want to go back to sports… which I do, it’s part of my life… so it’ll be hard to face in this direction but I know that in the long run it’ll be for the best.

As for my career, I’ve recently completed my 1y anniversary at my first job as a data scientist in a beer company! LoL… I’m actually a mechanical engineer by degree but loving the data science field and I want to learn more and more about this. But, in the future I want to lead people so that’s where I’m facing and I am practicing that inside and outside my job.

Family and friends is a hard one since I have a little bit of family trouble but facing to get it fixed and in peace with everyone - it’s family and I won’t give up on them.

“It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It’s the one most responsive to change.”

Things are changing, let’s not face the other way.


Where are you facing?
Toward my brighter future

Where are you going?
To the moon with the rest of you.

What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction?
Learn, Learn, Learn, and lurk the bitcoin.pub website and learn some more

How can we keep you accountable?
Believe in me…believe that I can do this…slowly.