#b90x - DAY 19 - Technical Analysis 101 - Spinning Tops and Doji?



I will wear one of those


(ICX) I think I can see a small pattern. Doji followed by either another Doji or a spinning top before a long candle. Not all the time tho. But the advise is good. Yesterday morning (UK) I purchased ICX on a down trend. I was happy with the price, it was cheap! Untill the priced dropped even further. No worries as I HODL but I could have got it cheaper… If I had waited for 2-3 sessions Ionger. Learning everyday.


Good stuff! Checking out the ICX charts at different session lengths. Making more and more sense all the time. Thanks!


just to clarify, does a Doji have a smaller body than a spinning top? I understand that both indicate equalization in price, but what would be the main difference?


They are relatively the same for all intents and purposes.


thanks for taking the time to answer my question Peter


I gotchu fam! :slight_smile: :rocket:


Can someone explain what these two numbers represent? I assume one of them are volume, since the size of the candles below the graph seems to line up with the left number.


Been watching since Friday, unfortunately there’s a lot of dojis in the market right now. Wishing for some more tops.


My analysis over :icx: must say I had fun with this chart and scanning the past week, its a nice experience starting to read charts and see patterns instead of just giberish like before :joy:

Not sure if I got all the patterns correct, especially isolating between spinning top’s and Doji’s but it looks like ICX is going through some strong consolidation right now!

Really looking forward to the next TA video Dogelord and doing my homework :doge:


Wow. Very excellent.
The section after the 3 black crows is a “gap.”


Thank you! means a lot Dogelord :beers:

Okay so after the Three black crows its a gap so would a period of consolidation would of had to have been longer? What is the difference between a Gap and consolidation?




Ahh seems I got ahead of myself :joy:


Its quite interesting to watch an analyse… am happy I was able to read expect the price movement yesterday night. One question though when looking at say a 30min session do I focus on the opening candle sticks or closing sticks for this particular session. Like what are the benefits and difference of looking at a 30min session, 1hour session, 1 day session? .


Yes first is volume, second is the moving average of the volume. Tradingview default has it set at 20.


even understanding what a doji or a spinning top is…it s very hard to say rather it s going down or up…
i got anyway when you see them is beter to wait


Watched EOS today on 30 minute intervals with tradingview. Lots of doji. Thanks for putting all this good info in one place. Helping reaffirm some of my transactions since starting… while questioning others. hah


Thanks again for the great explanation! I was worried that this section woud be over my head, but you’ve definitely taken the newbies into acount. Thank you Sir!


Doji, or DOGE!

Sorry, couldn’t help it. :sunny: