#b90x - DAY 18 - Technical Analysis 101 - Candlestick Shadows



Been a slow week for B90X sadly, the Matrix taking over and causing me delay’s to my moon goals! Spent the last few days reviewing the TA videos and practicing over the charts, of course just happened to be a :icx: Chart, no coincidence at all #DCA :joy:

Peter loving the near daily livestreams your an absolute machine sir keep preaching the good word :beers:

Super Psyched for CryptoYum :doge:


We gunna get it man. Day by day. It’s slow sometimes… but it’s the daily inputs that add up to a ton!


I hear that :metal:t3:


Also new Coinpuffs update is sick! love the live updates :clap:t3:


These lessons are stuff I wish I had gone through before I made my very first investment, so much good information. :+1:


I hear you bro, same here lol.

If you improve 1% each day, how much would you have improved within 365 days? :thinking:


Still working on it, I’m analyzing my main coins from yesterday still


Thank you for making these videos. Definitely helping me understand the candlesticks used for stocks or cryptocurrencies.


Really gained a lot of knowledge from these videos. I’ll definitely be reviewing this one again. Thanks Peter