#b90x - DAY 17 - Technical Analysis 101 - Starting with Candles!



I’m happy to going back to candles!


Forgot how solid the TA training was, loving the review.


Thanks Pete. TA is important for day, swing trading and keeping an eye on longer term trends. But for DCA’ing not entirely necessary as FA is more important over the long term IMO(Most of the time I’m wrong and don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about). I would like to improve my TA, practice makes perfect.


Very excited to be back on TA. Critical lessons coming up.


This video on my first b90x was mesmerizing for me. I had never looked at charts other than just overall time line. I bet I watched it 10 times.


TA, I worth watching over and over again. not all coins act the same. ect. don’t go blind you’ll get burned