#b90x - DAY 17 - Technical Analysis 101 - Starting with Candles!



Finally, I have a better understanding of candles! I spent about an extra hour researching today’s lesson… Feeling good right now.


Charts are my one weakness! I can understand other technical aspects of blockchain, but TA is usually where I mess things up prior to trading.

So… if a wick/tail is not seen on a candle then that means…?

Basically a candle is the trade volume happening within a period time, right (some time/day interval)?

Thanks for all the information!


Great video. Looking forward to learning more.:chart_with_upwards_trend::rocket:


Yoo. Great I love it. Can’t wait tomorrow, more candles.


Upgrading candle skills


It was all a lesson for me. Great job of not going too far in the weeds on the first TA vid. :slight_smile: Looking forward to moar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi Guys,
Quick question, so you always hear, “buy low, sell high” but when is low exactly? Is the best time to get in or buy some more coins to stach after a big red candle? or after a couple of red candles? As a noob, I would really appreciate it if people shared their when “buying low” means or what’s your trigger to say, I gotta buy NOW.

Great video like always. Definitely learning something new eryyyday.


Back to the chart basics​:man_technologist::pencil2:️:notebook::chart_with_upwards_trend::rocket:

This series’s is really good for learning Technical Analysis


Find this charting video really interesting. There are a heap of ‘learn to read charts’ videos about but this one takes the cake!
Its funny, i think when you start trading and see candlesticks, you can sort of make sense of them without knowing any technical terms or truly what they mean. The information from this video really drives home the point that there is a lot more to candlesticks and charts than what you see on the surface. Thanks again for another great vid!


Charting 101, always good going back to basics and reinforcing tacit knowledge. Let the learning continue!