#b90x - DAY 16 - COINPUFFS.com - A Simple Tool



that was long time when I heard you saying “entry points, entry points, entry points”. That means we didn’t have major correction recently. lol. I’m joking. You know what I mean Sir. Have a great day. See you on the stream


I really like the look and feel of CoinPuffs; however, I think we need to eliminate redundancy of repeating row titles (price, supply etc) and make them columns. Would allow more coins to appear on smart devices.
Leverage Space - round and shorten to max of 4 characters e.g. for 24hr vol. it’ll provide same value, yet save space if displayed like e.g. 1.4m, 25k etc. keep up the great work!


Coinmarket was what I discovered when I first got into crypto, but coinpuffs has my heart now! You and your bro did an amazing job @peter!


To be honest, I don’t use Coinmarket cap anymore! Puffs is my way to go in the AM’s.
Soo happy you guys added de calculator section :pray:
To the moon and beyond! :btc::bitrocket:


Very useful tool indeed but even better is the Coinpuffs favorite list.
Very good development in general by Peter and John.
I have to give them credit and join them Patreon.
Just not sure which level yet.
Cryptonaut or Quartermaster.
Most likely Cryptonaut.


Another good video like how you use the site info. new insight on the big gainers and losers


Coinmarketcap is a great little tool and something i think you should check out daily. Never really looked at the gainers and losers but will keep it on my radar from now on.

I’ll check out coinpuffs too, who knows… maybe that will become my daily.


It’s already part of my morning coffee routine.


I’ve been using this for awhile but gainers and losers will now be a part of my morning coffee ritual too.


Thanks for the “trending” heads up. I had never checked that out before.
The data between CMC and Puffs are quite different. for eg; today, right now, CMC has NULS ranked 98 at $4.10, where as on Puffs NULS is ranked 161 at $4.01. This is a big difference.
Cross compared with Binance, they currently have NULS priced at $4.13


Love Coinmarketcap. Thanks, very simple way of explaining liquitity.