#b90x - DAY 16 - COINPUFFS.com - A Simple Tool



I don’t believe it’s the same info, coinmarketcap removed the entire eastern market a month ago due to bans and regulations and I don’t know if they ever put it back on. I use both of these as well as check against the charts on the exchanges I use before trading anything for an accurate veiw.


I like the site as it gives me more items for my crypto tool box. Easy to use and navigate.


I’m liking coinpuffs more and more as I peruse the site. The UI is a lot more fluid and in my opinion looks a lot better than coinmarketcap. Thanks again for making it guys!

Just a heads up that the SolarCoin website link is broken a little. Brings you to the site, but I get a “cannot be displayed error” within the main frame on the link.


I like the ability to compare coins, and it’s nice that it has a lot more coins than CMC, some more humorous than others. One function I haven’t seen yet, maybe it’s there but I missed it, is the ability to see all the different markets a coin is trading on. Sometimes it’s hard to know where a coin is available to purchase.


Always thought CMC was rigged.


This is where the rubber meets the road. Great insights.


I’ll pay more attention next time I check CMC, I didn’t know what the other tabs meant. I like Coinpuffs, I’ve been going there too. I’d like to know more about why market cap and volume are important.


we cover a few of those things here:


Another great tutorial. I don’t quit comprehend how the Supply, Volume, and Market Cap tie in together. I’ll be doing research to better understand this.

Question: In Coinpuffs, there is a Buy and Sell button to buy specific coins that leads to Changelly. Does Peter/CryptoNation prefer using this exchange?


No. This is just an experiment to see if folks will use CoinPuffs as a place to exchange. We’d like to build our own… tbh…

not to say that too loudly though…


Sweet! Coinpuffs will be a “One Stop Shop.” John, thanks for the quick feedback.


Excellent! Didn’t think about %gainers and losers at all with Crypto and I use an research for Day Trading stocks! Duh!!! LOL


Thank you! now we are talking the stuff I am looking for :slight_smile: I check varies info now:

10 Yr Tnote
Gold Price
Stock Index
CoinMarketCap CoinPuffs & BitInfoCharts


I only recently discovered the Gainers and Losers section. Wish I had found your videos sooner! Add that to the already giant pile of crypto things I wish I knew sooner… lol