#b90x - DAY 16 - COINPUFFS.com - A Simple Tool



Today I’m introducing a simple tool: Coinmarketcap… but NOW! We’ve made our own! COINPUFFS.com <— go there! It’s better!

It’s a great place to get an overview of the day, and enable you to deep dive into each coin that you’re interested in researching.

Not only that, it has a nice filter that tells you the biggest gainers and losers… maybe allowing you to get in on some of that swing action~!

What other features do you like about coinpuffs??


Simple but very useful tool indeed.

I’m also using this site to check out what those crazy Korean people are up to :wink:

If you click on a coin and then change from charts to markets you can see the volume traded on specific exchanges. And you can click for example on the Bithumb exchange to see what coin they are pumping today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s a great tool
I like that there are links to websites of every coin and a list of markets were you can buy the coin


This is the only site I trust to get me to a coin’s official page. Thanks


Other than blockfolio, this is one of my favorite ways to check the markets :smiley:


Personally, I like perusing the market caps. Vis-a-vis where is the new money going?
Aw man $SYS is seeing a meteoric RISE. And blow me down, Aragon, falling falling. But most peculiar, Golem, oh Golem, how the heck are you still top 30? MyGoodness.


I visit this site quite frequently but never realized there was a trending tab. Thanks for the tip Peter!


Great tool, pretty straightforward and easy to use.

Another one I like to use is…


Nice addition! I think I can build a better one though… :thinking:


I didn’t know a few tools. It was definitely useful like gainers and losers.


Maybe you’ve done this already, and probably it’s sprinkled throughout the bitcoin pub, but you know what would be interesting, fun, and educating? Hearing you go through each of the trending losers on any given day, giving a brief explanation of their snapshot (volume, price, %down) and then a quick discussion on their chart and your impression on it. With the disclaimer that you’re not endorsing or dissing any coin (heck, black out what coin it is, I don’t care!). What a great insight this would be to those of us who are noobs!


Could be worth it. What if we built it for the pub so you could get all that info here?


I think something like this would really help get the wheels turning and allow some traction. I’m just getting started on the B90X tech analysis days so I know that’ll help too. But a real brain-picker, hearing your impressions of a bunch all at once to solidify the whole idea? Priceless.


True. I can do it. Put it on backlog. Daily may be hard. But let me consider how I can do it and make it good…


You’re awesome! I wasn’t even thinking of a regular feature, just a one-time deal for education purposes. But a periodic one would kick ass!


Its serves my needs. No reason to reinvent the wheel. But be my guest.


I’ve been using coinmarketcap for a while now but never knew you could adjust the lower time scale bar! Awesome.


One of the first site you find when you start with bitcon and altcoins. But I never realised how much information is in it.
Thank you for the walktrough. It was an eye opener.


You’re very welcome! I’m looking to build a better version of this… …


Hey Peter. Part 15 and 16 in the YouTube playlist is in the wrong order.