#b90x - DAY 15 - BITTREX Exchange Walkthrough and Tutorial



Thank you for this video! Your patience for us newbies is fantastic. I have seen the settings page several times and never understood what a whitelist was. You are the only one I’ve seen explain it. Thank you! I will definitely utilize this feature next time I sign in. I’m going to share this video with my girlfriends that are also learning to trade. I’m loving this B90X series, I’m no longer intimidated. But, it’s far from over! Lol.


Again, another exchange I’m stuck with “verification processing” haha. Oh well, at least the account will be good to when it does get approved.

Darcy C


Another very informative tutorial to put in my tool kit. Eventually, I’ll use Bittrex after I get my 1BTC and become more proficient with different exchanges and Alt Coins. Keep up the great work in informing/educating the CryptoNation.


Good to know Peter! Thank you for this! Will have to rewatch a few times! Great Tutorial! I’m Currently using Binance for a few coins.