#b90x - DAY 13 - EXODUS Wallet Walkthrough



Just downloaded it today and have been playing for a bit. Really like the clean interface, easy on the eye. Simple and not too complex to use. The only negative is that they have a limited number of coins that can hold. Will try it out more for my next couple of transactions.


Nice advancement in the Exodus app compared to back then. Like the UI much better now.


Not the best wallet but like Coinbase great way to on board new people to use wallets off exchanges.


never been a huge fan but great way to stress the importance of protecting your investment and great option if you dont have anything else


I’m using Ledger Nano S instead of a software wallet for my HODL coins and tokens. Love the interface of Exodus though.


Great walkthrough on Exodus. I’m using other wallets at the moment, just out of habit… Looking to upgrade to a nano or something similar soon. Exodus does seem like the best bet if you’re not going hardware.


Excellent. Just created Exodus wallet and transferred some BTC and BAT.
Seems really excellent! I’ve been using Jaxx, Eidoo, MEW and a Nano.
Up until recently I would leave all my coins on Coinbase, Binance and Kucoin. Now, I’m starting to get serious about getting my assets off the exchanges. It feels good too!