#b90x - DAY 13 - EXODUS Wallet Walkthrough



Great video. Getting ready to set up my exodus wallet. Thanks


The fee’s have gone up substantially using Coinbase.
It is cheaper I believe to deposit funds from Coinbase to GDAX and then forward to Exodus.
Thanks for the insight Bitesize Bitcoin broteam. This P90X is getting me much more fit to handle crypto’s rewarding ways.
Please keep us up to date if Exodus Wallet becomes obsolete in the future.


seems cool. but yes, fees. Also, doesn’t work with icx? didn’t see iota or ada…but I guess I’ll need to look more into it. Will be good for when I buy my btc moon ticket :wink:


No. Those you have to get on alternative exchange.


Just finished sorting everything out using GDAX as well to make the transfer #avoidthosefee’s :joy: Thanks Dogelord for the informative video, hopefully Exodus add a few more alt coins!.. :icx: :star_struck: nice to see ETC is there!


IT’d be nice to see some more support for other altcoins on Exodus, like Cardano Ada


I have Exodus installed, but so far I have not sent any money to it. Partly because they didn’t support all of the alt coins I had in the past, and I’ve heard that the fees can be quite high. I’ve been using Coinomi on my tablet instead since they’ve had support for coins like OmiseGo, Verge, Vertcoin, DogeCoin.
The look and simplicity of Exodus is really nice however, so if they would increase supported coins and lower the fees I would probably use it.


As far as exodus is concerned I skipped this. I found through research that a hardware wallet is the way to go so I bought a ledger nano s before I even purchased my first coin. I use myetherwallet to manage alt coins and that stores them in my ledger eth address for me. When I’m done using my coins and disconnect they are in cold storage. Quick learning curve and kinda pricey but the security is worth that for me.


Exodus was the wallet I went with from the start so I’m pumped this video is included in this series.

One thing for new users I would add is whenever sending currency to a new wallet, always send a super small amount to validate that the addresses work. Especially if this is your first taste of crypto wallets. It can be confusing early on and the last thing you want to do is lose your money by missing a character! Plus you get to hear the CHING more than once :slight_smile:


its impresive to notice that, the video was made when Bitcoin was on 3500-4000, 50% of the actual “low”, that shows why we should not be worried, but bullish…


Looks clean, rly like the UI, but sadly it doesn’t have many altcoins I want(sadly it doesnt have dogs, so I keep it on a text file), and I can’t choose fees. I only keep some eth/etc and EOS on there.


Fantastic instructional video! Thanks for the walk-thru. Most beginner videos go too fast and don’t really give as much detail. You are awesome to take the time and make this relatable for absolute beginners.


Exodus is pretty user friendly. The B90X is broadening my knowledge. I heard of software and hardware wallets but never really understood it. I was able to download Exodus successfully on my desktop, but unable to transfer from Coinbase at this time. IDK if Coinbase is down or maybe logging on from Afghanistan is hindering my Coinbase login? As of today, I only have .2 BTC (DCA up to 1 BTC) and 2 LTC and am happy keeping it in Coinbase wallet, still insured right? When I have my 1 BTC, I’ll move to a hardware wallet to HODL.


Sounds good to me. Could be coinbase.


So far I have installed Jaxx, Exodus and MyEtherWallet. I’m going to look into getting the Ledger Nano for extra security, I really have a tough time trusting my computer these days.

Darcy C


Thanks Peter! Exodus is excellent! Great intermediary till I receive my Nano ledger S next month. Just wish exodus supported more coins. I guess in due time!


Check amazon right now it’s on stock you can buy right now if you want.


@IamJulien Thank you sir! Unfortunately, I already paid for the Preorder. Eventually I will probably get another but I will save the cash for buying some coin! :rofl:


Keep it up !!!


This post was very helpful. There are more than a few coins I currently own that I can consolidate into this wallet. I am moving all my coins to a wallet as soon as I finish the computer I am making to store them.