#b90x - DAY 12 - Coinbase Walkthrough



How is this true though? How many steps to sign up and how much info and verification is needed for coinbase compared to a direct p2p exchange? #justsayin :thinking:


What direct p2p exchanges are speaking of that are also fiat on ramps?

I’ve found local BTC to be very unreliable or for BTC to be grossly overpriced compared to the market price in my area on that particular p2p network.

True there are a bunch of hoops and verification to go through but it is no different than signing up for Fidelity or Schwab which if you have experience with Coinbase, is or it at least was easier in comparison when I signed up. But, I’m also speaking as someone who is already signed up and has a bank account linked, so all I do know is hit that transfer button and wait. I will say it is supper annoying how long I have to wait, even though they say 10 days as the max time I’ve had wait longer before :see_no_evil:

Just my thoughts.


Coinbase was such a pain to deal with so we just found a Bitcoin ATM and got started. I’m looking at other exchanges that we can buy directly from so I don’t have to deal with the coinbase headache.

I’m still sharing the information with those that I know are looking. Hopefully they will have a better experience with coinbase than we did. :wink:


I don’t like Coinbase, and I think Vitalik said something like, centralized exchanges can all burn in hell.