#b90x - DAY 12 - Coinbase Walkthrough



Coinbase has changed in the US, many credit card companies won’t allow charges and some applying cash advance fees. There are cheaper alternatives as well such as robinhood and square cash.

However I do like the bitcoin prices shown in this Video…


Thanks Peter! I’m in and DCAing BTC. In time I will get that ticket bro!


I have bit coin :slight_smile: not 1 but i am going for it


Is coinbase trustworthy enough to keep a couple hundred in your USD wallet until the timing is right to buy?.. I know it says it’s insured up to 250k but still makes me nervous


You should generally be fine here.


This day was easy. I used coinbase before ever finding here. if I knew about the fees my bank would charge I would have used ACH over my debit card the first few times, but live and learn.


Robinhood asks for SSN. Pass for now.


I have suggested my one friend about getting in, but he is no interested. Another one is already in but lost his interest for now. Now I am trying to get my father in and he is trying to create his bitcoin wallet, where I will send him some money. I will try to get him on the spaceship, though it is gonna be hard.


I’m telling everyone about the good crypto life. do research and i would help. I also tell them to put at least $10 into bitcoin. everyone sees that I’m excited about this and i know there are several ppl now looking into bitcoin and other cryptos. If i could get my dad on board i know i could positively influence everyone about this.

I was doing research on this while the price was at all time highs. and waited till the bottom fell out and got in. this I also tell ppl to do to is get in on a dip just like the stock market.


Just got my best friend on Coinbase 2 weeks ago! Working on the roommate and siblings


Finally convinced my brother to buy now during the dip! I helped him set up Coinbase and GDAX.


Great walk-through! I’ve also created a similar video (but your video is way better!).
It was awesome to go through this again as an experienced user now :slight_smile:


created an account with both coinbase and coinspot a few months ago. both pretty easy to use. Coinspot have reduced their fees now too, so if you havent created an account and are able to, really recommend it.


I taught two more people about Bitcoin and crypto this week… Not using coinbase though… They are going to start bi-weekly DCA into bitcoin! Key points I used… Self-sovereign, Censorship resistant, Unconfiscatable, Deeecentralized! Did I miss anything??


Immutable. Hacker proof


Those internal conversations. lol.
“I don’t need to watch this, I don’t use Coinbase”
“ today I just write post, no watching, 8:40, noo”
lol proudly I was watching all because I’m not gonna lie to myself, I will go through all B90X. No skipping steps.

Back in 2017 when I was in UK I tried twice to register and verified but couldn’t do it. Personally I use Lykke.com and here in Europe is great option especially with their great customer service what I really keep my eye on.

See ya tomorrow


You know what.
It’s the small things. The small disciplines that know one knows about… those are the ones that make you greater.

Stay the course. :rocket:
I’m watching, and I’m proud!


Day 12 in the bag! Let’s get some more and hit thar increase limit when you can :slight_smile:


Coinbase is not available in South America. I use binance and bitinka.
Thanks for sharing guys!


Useful stuff I will be getting setup on an exchange tonight.