#b90x - DAY 12 - Coinbase Walkthrough



All you gotta do is show them the bitcoin lambo thread. :slight_smile:


Haha! I’ve been having fun showing them the new Bitcoin all time high and telling them where I bought in at. The response has been something like “WHAAAAAATT!?!?” :open_mouth:
Yeah, there’s so much going on with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology that it feels like I have a huge arsenal at my disposal to help get others excited, it’s almost too easy. Everything from potential gains, Bitcoin’s chart, ICOs, altcoins, Bitcoin Pub, YouTube videos, news, @peter’s Bitcoin lambo thread, etc. etc. Though some just won’t even give it the time of day, which makes me sad but to each their own I suppose. Either way… lots of fun, lots of excitement and plenty of room for others to join. To the MOOOON!! :rocket:


I was going to buy some BTC on coinbase today with my debit card but it won’t let me add the card. Is it because it’s a paypal prepaid mastercard debit card? Did I reload it for nothing?


Im pretty sure it needs to be Credit.


Thought it said debit too, but I’d have to look again later.


It says credit/debit card.


As far as I can see, it needs to be a visa/mastercard debit card.


I have purchased via Debit Card in the past on Coinbase although limits are smaller than linking your bank account. It should work.


It didn’t seem to want to allow my paypal prepaid debit card though. My credit union one and regular credit card were fine.


Coinbase where it all begins down the rabbit hole :crazy_face:


I like the explanation but at the moment I am buying at a large Dutch site and it’s about the same concept. Only part that is different is the price that’s not at 4k anymore. :smiley:


Thanks for the video. I already have a coinbase and gdax set up. I have transferred funds and it takes awhile. I know you said it takes a few days to go through. Are there any other options to get money into the system faster? Would be greatly appreciated.


I sent to my mother, my brother and sister have already created coinbase accounts from a video i made a few months ago.11 days of video lessons before you even talk about purchasing crypto, this should let the newbies know how much work there is to do and things there are to know before even being in the position to invest anything in crypto. GREAT work, #thebitcoinpubtothemoon!



Holy Priest Shit! Peter and John! I love the quality of 
  content you guys are putting out. Shit is FIRE !! 
    New, old, it doesnt matter yall are SAVAGE AF!


Sent it to my 2 brothers who’ve been asking me about crypto.


I use Coinfloor right now but I am not sure it is best for the first Bitcoin puchase as minimum deposit is now £2500

Also as no UK bank will provide banking services to Coinfloor, you currently have to transfer to a Polish bank which can incur extra fees depending on your bank (hats off to Poland for being less uptight than UK)

That said, in my experience deposits have been processed within a few hours (although they are currently saying allow for an extra 4 business days)


I sent it to my bestie, in the hopes that she can get acquainted with the crypto space and coinbase. She’s very afraid, because she’s gotten burned by real estate in the past, so I’m hoping to change her mind and trying to convince her not to buy this or that, and instead use that money and buy bits of bitcoin. :grin:


The easiest way in my country is localbitcoins but there’s a atm too.


Sent to my friend Candice! Would love to get my dad on the spaceship…but he’s in the “I’m old and I need to be conservative phase.” So I get it…but it would be fun to have another person close to me to talk crypto with…Le Siiiigh.


Thanks for the extra tips here Dogelord :fist:t3: I’ve been using Coinbase now to buy BTC and I like the interface, if im based in the UK its fine to stick with that right? I mean I dont really need to be using Coinfloor as a substitute?