#b90x - DAY 11 - Timebox all Things!



That would be a great way to start man. Hope you can figure something out!


@kimchi said it, it does take a lot of discipline. It is also important to understand that emergencies can take us away from out timeboxing, a true test of your discipline would be jumping right back to timeboxing!


Time to make time boxing my bitch… Thanks to @Trilamanila for the advice in discord, and the other guys have some great ideas.


I see time-boxing as a very powerful tool. I can also see how it can improve a persons production dramatically.
Unfortunately, time-boxing does not work in my life at this time.
I have way too much randomity in my universe. I need to be able to bend to the ebbs and flows of life.
I do have a high production solution for my personal situation, which has worked for years.
I work in cycles of action. I do one thing at a time until that action is 100% complete. If it is a big project, I will break it up into a lot of smaller actions that can be attacked one at a time. If i am in the middle of a cycle of action I will not let someone interrupt me until I am finished.
This allows me to get things done, and bend to chaos which is my universe.
As far as time-boxing is concerned, I love the idea, and at a future date, I will re-look at applying it in my life, but right now, I cannot.


Ok I’ve been trying to do this a lot more lately - not as much as Peter lol but still - - I’m about to time box my next hour and knock out some work for decentralized art shows and cryptovixens…


I finally made it to the time box episode!

I have to make time to make videos for YouTube! and for my Alpha Cohorts! I’m making a time box for my cohorts right along side with my b90x time box… I’m good with boxes, more time boxes to come!

Thanks for another great day on the b90x challenge! See you all tomorrow!