#b90x - DAY 11 - Timebox all Things!



Timeboxing my reading, workouts, stretch, and work goals


Timebox, yes I need to implement that.
When I was doing something I functioned more like to be “wired in” or I want to think that way.
The truth is I don’t know how real work looks like.
When I was in business of course there was Time management but what I see now is more of managing myself in the time what’s given me. I don’t know how much time I got.
I let put a lie in to my mind that discipline time planning will take my freedom and I want to be free, yeah how much that benefited me for now? Exactly. So I must change, CHANGE, if I will be doing the same thing and expect different results… so I will start timebox what I do. It will require more than I think, but I will start with simple baby steps. I don’t care who is watching, or could, I’m doing for myself. Thank you.


Really need to start time boxing. I think the biggest issue with work and life is a lack of motivation to actually do things. Time boxxing sounds like a good way to take the emotion out of work and just get things done. Great idea.


You should never care who is watching… Everything start with you!


Mooey, it’s amazing what you can accomplish when you start counting the hours.


Exactly. I don’t know you @delirium_igniter but I starting like you. Thank you for all


I started time boxing my vacation and my wife informed me we are not on a schedule :joy:
I was able to get everything completed in the first day - walk to get morning coffee, walk Dana Point trail, Laguna surf shops, the Ritz night cap :wink:


What about lovin? :wink:


You know that was time boxed lol


truer words never spoken man. :grinning:


I recently started keeping track of my time throughout the day with 5-minute time blocks to better manage my time and see where I am wasting my time the most. I guess in a way is very similar to timeboxing but more in the short-term. So far, it hasn’t been easy keeping track of everything but as the days go by and I analyze the date more, it does get easier, and by seeing results, it does motivate me to keep going.
I’m starting to realize that I waste a lot of 5 min blocks per day. I noticed that there are 5 minutes here and there that are not accounted for, which means time wasted. Also, those 5 min blocks add up, and if you are not keeping track, they can add up up to an 1 or 2 hours of your daily time!
To be honest, I knew I wasted some time throughout the day when running out for coffee or watching a quick youtube video on my breaks or toilet (DCTV lol) but once I was it written down and I could see the hard cold data, wowww, I then realized its so easy to waste time without even feeling it that much throughout the day. Remember, a video here and there or a quick read can quickly suck out your precious time and next thing you know you went from a young boy to an 아저씨 ㅎㅎ
I would highly recommend this method for anyone that is struggling with time management and don’t know where the heck his/her time went throughout the day. Hope everyone is having greeeeat day. Saludos!


I do tend to get scatter brained, so timeboxing will be a challenge! I will probably tweak this until I’ve created a schedule that I’m comfortable with. I’ve noticed that I’m much more productive in the evenings instead of the daytime. Once I’m able to quit my job I’ll be able to shift my work time to the the evenings.

0400: wake up/ get ready
0500-1200: work
1200-1300: lunch
1300-1600: work
1630-1730: work on food business
1730-1830: read
1830-2000: hubby time/ dinner
2000-2200: trading study time
2230: night night


I am quit good at managing my time when I am working my 9 to 5, however once I get home from work I find I am pretty chaotic with my time & there are some many time distractions at home, DIY, Wife, Kids, Grand-kids, keeping fit, writing songs, learning new songs.

I am going to start timeboxing my music writing as I have a lot of project that I never get around to finishing including a Crypto Song I have partly written maybe one day I can upload it to the Pub I might even change some of the words to give the Pub & people in it a mention.


I’ve become good at Time boxing at work with listening to audio book and getting tasks done in timely manner. However my time boxing at home still isn’t where it should be. I do accomplish habits I want to have like working out and reading just needs to be scheduled out more precise.


Well, I am a bit old school. I have blown through these B90X vids and done some of the actual “homework” in 2 days so far… I will break here and purchase a day-planner tomorrow that I can physically write in while using my google calendar and time alarm to discipline myself. THIS is one area where I need drastic improvement and I will take the time to do so!!


Thank you for the advice on timeboxing. Really great.

I’m going to think hard about how to implement it,

Thank you. great stuff !!


Love the idea of timeboxing and already use it now with my business we call it power hours. We have power hours to dedicate to different things with in the business. never really used it for personal time will start to experiment with it in my personal space and see what the results will be


KANBAN baby! I am dusting off the ole’ time-tested EZJapanese process right now and blending it into my time-boxed calendar from now on. As of tonight I will review my next day’s time-blocking versus my “KANBAN board” and commit my schedule. This will definitely give me a laser-focus on knocking out commitments, including my difficult, “rest time”.


For me, the most challenging thing with timeboxing is making a realistic schedule for yourself. I tend to get too ambitious sometime which gets me frustrated because I didn’t reach my goal(s) when and how I planned it. Tweaking this has made me somewhat more relaxed in everyday life, staying more mindfull.
But it is a productive-enhancing instrument for sure!
Keep on tweaking…


I always feel like my tasks take me longer than they should. I don’t feel efficient and I have learned very little regarding time management. I have been self-employed all my life and generally work alone, therefore I haven’t had any mentors regarding timelines and efficiency. I am self-taught and self-managed in almost everything I’ve ever done.
I’m excited to have this direction.
I enjoyed journaling how we spent our time this last week. My journal became timeboxed intuitively and just the act of keeping note of my tasks in relation to time led to an instant efficiency and accountability. My timeboxes were more around the 90min mark. By the end of my work day I felt satisfied that I had been as productive as possible. This led to better quality family time and relaxation time. By the end of the week I was more than happy to take half a day off to go hiking with my wife. I felt satisfied and my level of productivity and I the hike was a deeply satisfying reward for my efforts. Living life! Wooo!
Today, I will implement the pomodoro technique and see how it goes. I feel I may need to adjust the timeframes to suit my style a bit. But, we will see. I feel the 25min windows may led to me feeling rushed, stressed and manic. States that I wish to avoid.
I will start the week out with a list of my weekly tasks.
Each day I will start with meditation and focus on my “where am I facing”, then look at my list of things to do that day, prioritize and start banging them out in this “Pomodoro” fashion.
I will keep my phone on silent and write down my distractions if they come up. My rewards will be family, work-outs, hikes, yoga, playing music and loving life!
I have been inspired by everyone elses posts too… and will implement some techniques that I have read here too. Thanks everybody for sharing your experiences and wisdom! Much appreciated!
I am stoked for this!