#b90x - DAY 11 - Timebox all Things!



Timeboxing. Never heard of it but sounds like some shit I need. I got distracted doing extra work this week to buy the dip. I should stick to my goals. I’m good on finances now but suck in organizational skills and time management. I had better organizational skills before crypto when I was living paycheck to paycheck. Help me Peetah, you’re my only hope.
All kidding aside. I really need to do this. I don’t manage my time as efficiently as a could. ADHD is not an excuse. ADHD is some bullshit. I have some work to do on my house, an engine I’ve been planning to put in a car for the last ? years, crap I don’t need i was planning to sell one eBay and a list that goes on and on. I would rather pay someone to help me out than have someone hold me accountable. That hasn’t worked out so far. I need to make use of my Outlook calendar. I need to find someone to keep me accountable. I have fallen into a comfort zone that has made me a bit lazy. I am doing fairly well because Bitcoin. Perhaps there needs to be a support group for lazy fucks like me that need some accountability in the BitcoinPub.
I’m all about Timeboxing this week. Writing down some shit now. Who wants to keep me accountable? This is some https://londonreal.tv Brian Rose shit.



Timebox to me means I work on what’s important first, instead of time consuming stuff that’s worth less. Having extra time left means I can go back and improve on it or verify my work since a project’s unknown variables have surfaced by now.

I can timebox just about everything from a DIY oil change to making trade decisions…


Yes! This is excellent!

Yesterday as I got off night shift from work (Rotating shift work), I wanted to do some pre-market research for the Nasdaq for some potential trades at market open, but i kept the window for 30min of trading because I needed to sleep and prepare for the next day. So at Premarket, I scanned potential set ups and watched those particular stocks to see if they fit my chosen patterns for quick buys/sell. After 30 minutes, the patterns were not there, I shut my computer down, and went to sleep. I structured the remaining day as follows:

Woke up 2pm(Central) to see any potential overnight stock plays for 1hr. Then got ready for work. Normally I end up not sleeping throughout the day and ruin my health and waste of efficiency.


finally catching up on this.

My time boxing goals are currently in a developmental stage. My goal is to see how long certain tasks take me and see if I can streamline them.

I need to find a way to not feel so exhausted from 8pm to 10 pm after the kids go to sleep. I am planning on setting 30 minutes aside for a workout routine to get the blood pumping so I can power through the evening.


Really looking forward to trying this out in a more intentional way. Several months back I spent a couple weeks keeping a time journal, tracking how I spent my time each day. It really helped me to identify time wasters and helped me prioritize how I was spending my time. Unfortunately I have lost a bit of the prioritiztion/optimization I had. So I am going to do the time journal again but integrate time boxing into it this time. Really looking forward to seeing the results! :beers:


Always good to get back into positive habits!


i ll try to watch the 90 days in one day !
before going to sleed i ll check all my notes and see what is important to me


Good links about the Pomodoro technique and discussions about its implementation. I think it’s the strongest timeboxing method there is (first link is a pdf of the book):




I’ve never actually tried to timebox something but I really want to try it with my online courses. I’ve been trying to learn Python and machine learning a little bit at a time through an online course and the hardest part is actually getting the lecture, videos e exercises done. I’ll try timeboxing it!

Thanks for the tip


It’s taking me awhile to actually post something for day 11. The reason being, having to decide how I want to fill my extra time, that is time outside of my regular 9-5. And I’ve decided to go back to learning java. I’m going to do that for an hour or two in the evening after working out. I’ve already started learning it again this past week. And any time left over before going to bed, I’ll probably watch your videos and/or read.


To start I will try timeboxing poker and gym routines. If it goes well I will add reading, crypto learning, family things.

Update: I will also add meditation to the list


hmmm I’ve got to use this one. I have a ton of projects.this is a good way to manage the day.

An hour for a book. what ever is going on at work i cant control like this unfortunately. 2 hours on working on vintage bikes and 2 hours on hot rods. 2 hours of crypto research. then the rest of the time with family.

on my days off i can work more on my bikes and cars. like maybe 4 hours for each. and also do more crypto research lol.


I’ve been time boxing for some time now. I have to say it is quite wonderful! I find sometime I need to change up the schedule and mix around day just to spice it up


Just learning software development!
I’m used to using timeboxing for everything :slight_smile:
Blessed! :hourglass_flowing_sand:


… officially study 2d, 3d animation, and stop motion, development of videogames and interactive environments, and I am doing very well. And on my own, software development, bitcoin and blockchain, finance, politics, history, economy, laws although I’m sure I forget something, yes, I learn English too :laughing::nerd_face:
I’m timeboxing all, cause if not it’s impossible.


I have been time boxing for a few months now and it has increased my productivity. I highly recommend people take this b90x topic seriously!


I know of this all too well! Being a software engineer myself, trying to program, test, debug and do other actions (UI and DB changes) can be challenging.

Basically, you need to prioritize certain tasks, sprints and milestones to better your productivity!


Good video Peter. Never heard of the concept of time boxing, will implement timeboxing to my current goals, much appreciated.

  1. Read minimum of 30 minutes per day.
  2. 1 hour per day of crypto
  3. Dedicate 1 hour per day towards my creative project.
  4. 45minutes 3 days a week towards calisthenics workout
  5. 3 day


Timeboxing is superhard for me, so I use a lot of tools.
I use the pomodori technique

and to ensure that I don’t get to distracted whilst browsing the web, I use an add-on that limits the number of open tabs allowed (xtab on chrome) and another one called Productivity Owl :owl: to limit the time I can spend on sites (or just block them entirely).

The hardest part for me is the todo list beforehand…this is where I always get stuck.


Usually my time boxing happens at my day job. Once I’m home, my routine stays fairly tight throughout the week. Now that I’ve started learning about blockchain and crypto currency, it will be interesting to see how I start divvying my time during my evenings an on weekends. My focus is definitely intensifying.