#b90x - DAY 11 - Timebox all Things!



Excited to give this a go!


This day’s exercise is kind of my grey area, I could improve on it. I think I subconsciously Timebox a lot actually but not in a solid, fundamental manner. One thing I like about college life is I have to make good decisions with my time. What I did last semester was just make a sheet of all my major assignments for each course and due dates and kept it in front of my desk so I had that constant reminder of what I had to do by when. It worked well because I had so much on my plate to get done, but I focused on giving each class at dedicated amount of time each week. Managed to juggle everything just right! I’m going to do the same thing again and will have a timebox for all reports, essays, research papers, etc. with due dates. This way I will get started early, even if it’s just formatting the paper and coming up with a witty introduction. I like to start as soon as possible and just take my time that way I’m not rushing to get it done last minute. I’ll be keeping the Timebox methodology in mind for other aspects of life and how I can incorporate more into daily life so I can be more productive and make the most of that precious resource… TIME!!


This is exactly what i need,… Although i want to spend my most time on learning crypto and online services as I have left watching TV, outings… but i tend to waste a lot of time here and there and at the end of the day… output is very less …!!

So I am gonna timebox my workout, book reading, learning crypto, online work, other areas to work…
I think this way the output will be much better… lets see hows it goes…!!


Tell us today, what are you doing? What can you timebox? What did you learn?

on the agenda today: Home school work with the little ones, project for a client, read white paper on particl.

I can timebox reading and analyzing the white paper, project for my client, we already timebox home school itinerary. I would like to timebox workouts also. I learned its easier to stick to a plan when you have one.


Love it. Lol.

Yes. Having a plan helps! :wink:


I read a lot of stories of people who are very successful, and it is true that they make similar habits. Timebox being a main.


Running a technology organization, I live in time boxes and I love them. They accelerate structure, discipline, and focus. For example (outside of development work), I time box my training, administrative work and even a small amount of time to recognize one of my employees every day. As mentioned in a previous post, I even time box my activities in crypto, including B90X. This week I had set aside 1.5 hours each evening to look at the Bitcoin club, check all the crypto news and work on the cost averaging formulas and APIs for my coin tracker (in SQL). Thanks Peter for the awesome content! This course rocks!


@peter How do you use pomodoro with time-boxing?
What I understand is you have a task (learning crypto). You time-box it: “ I give myself 2 hours to watch 4 B90X videos, make notes, check my current values and continue research one coin”
At the end of two hours you stop. No matter where you end up. Retrospective … the carry on with next time box (in my case a different project).
So where does pomodoro fit in? Managing the two hours?


I use pomodoro… but not dogmatic.

I just timebox everything. Like my streams.

I just tell myself: “I have X hour or half hour to do Y.”

This especially helps with complex thinking like coding. When I’m stuck on something I just timebox it. Can’t get it done? Take a walk.

Usually walks help clear my mind after a timebox.


  This week I have to get my work truck organized, my room organized, 
       work, pilates, art, crypto (of course) and some meal prep. This 
                   seems like a great tool. Lets get it!


Today I’m not going to do much. I work tonight, where I’ll have more than enough time to read & study crypto.
I used to timebox a lot but I decided to take a break once I finished college (last june). I have very str8 forward goals which at this point, should be easy to achieve.


So simple, but I’ve never really thoughtfully done this before. What a great idea. Today I’ll be time boxing watching InformedTrades video series about how to trade and technical analysis, and then reading articles, and playing with my cat.


I like the concept and idea of timeboxing and have tried similar methods.I just have not found the right way to implement it for myself. I am currently not always in control of my own schedule and when I am I find planning day by day tedious and a waste itself. Maybe I’ll start putting a timer on my phone whenever starting a task then take a break to reflect and decide what needs to be done next for however long and so on and so on. At least it would be a start.


I’m going to start time boxing my writing and my “trading times”.


time boxing my time at the pub/puffs. GOtta get this website video done for my company.


I like this. I am going to try this when I leave work tonight. I have so many things I want to get done in a day. If I don’t write a to do list nothing gets done. I like actually putting a time frame to it. Thanks guys!


I will be going to the Blockchain Connect Conference this Friday- I’ll be timeboxing/compartmentalize my research for the conference every day leading up to Friday, just so I’ll be able to understand as much as I can and ask the right questions.


Wow Peter I gotta say this really resonated with me, a very powerful tool to use indeed but I feel like its definitely a difficult concept to integrate habitually into life without the proper discipline and mind set, but that also can be a good thing because I feel like if I were to just experiment with this for a month, I could then potentially turn it into a habit.

It totally makes sense, I’ve actually done something similar to this before but not as accurate. I would plan my day and see how much time I can dedicate to certain activities and things I needed to focus on. Since ive started the B90X and even though I know im at the very beginning, Ive created a habit into time boxing each and every evening after work into getting my next B90X done and dedicating at least one hour and a half to all things Crypto related and expanding my research.

I would really like to use this methodology not just for Crpyto but for everything else that can bring me to be more productive. Ive also put a time frame on getting B90X done in less than 3 months by doing 2 on weekends and getting it done in roughly 10 weeks so thats my short term goal for now.

Thanks for this one Peter definitely a great thing to keep in mind


I have always been, let’s say, a “light” time boxer. That is, I timebox, but I’m not 100% about following it. Something that has helped me recently was that I got a dry-erase board calendar, that adheres to my fridge, and I put up all of my appointments for each day so I can always see them (I work from home, so I can see my fridge from my desk. which is an issue itself. but I digress). I then also have a separate board with timeboxed activities that I am supposed to do daily (30 minutes of piano, 30 minute walk, 30 minutes of language instruction, etc.). Keeping to it is hard…mostly because other people throw wrenches into my plans sometimes lol. But having it is a huge step in the right direction!


It’s probably one of the most powerful self disciplines out there.

Notice I only stream for an hour.
Though i would love to stay longer… I must get back to work. It keeps things moving and hyper productive!