#b90x - DAY 10 - The Discipline of Rest



Sweet. I’ll work on getting 8 solid hours of sleep after work. And get some good reading in.


Resting is underrated. Napping is a great recharge for me.


That’s how I do. Nap time is king.


unplug from technology, get on the HD, met up with some riding buddy’s, ride the back roads of Virginia and west to the mountains for a few hundred miles while cranking the tunes.

I could also relax with my wife since she says she’s a crypto widow, LOL!


Lol. Sounds good to me. The wife will come around when the market come around. It’s but a scratch.


She’s all onboard, we’ve been together for a long time, almost 20 years now. It tis but a scratch! The market will recover as its just a natural cycle. My rigs are mining away and helping keep the heating bill down.


Took the day off to clean up an extra vehicle and get it on craigs list, get a little extra cash while the crypto is down. hahah I don’t do to many strenious things to often anymore and I chill just about every night and watch a little T.V. :blush:


First of all I want to say: THANK YOU! I’ve been following on descentralized TV for some info you gave I found usefull on cryptomarkets. And that lead me here, And I’ve been, a little too shallow If I’m honest, been following the B90x so far, but this topíc… RESTing… just hit me in the right place… I KNOW (as we always know…) that I’m not resting properly (3 hours of sleep today… ) and reading your comment, and realizing I’m NO living the lifestyle I want, just HIT me… and now I can take the b90x with more deep rooting on myself… been 44yo this is not the first time I “improve” myself so I know NOW it will be a great improvement and experience, and for creating the b90x I must say to you: THANK YOU.


The time is NOW! Let’s begin a journey of self-improvement together!


Long day at work today. I’m going to make dinner and catch up on some Decentralized TV. Bought Bitcoin for under $7000 this morning. What a great day. Elon Musk shot a car into space today too. We can now take a car with us when we go to the moon. We’re living in great times.

@peter those Newman’s Own Dog Treats taste just like regular beef jerky. They’re delicious when you have to eat your own dogfood


LOL! I love it my man. Stay the course and enjoy your rest!


Today I am enjoying the big fall (and now the recovery) of BTC. It is being quite stressful the last few days. The message is simple: enjoy the day. Does not matter what is happening. If the market is bullish or bearish, it does not matter. Need to be ready for the long run. That’s what I am doing right now. Getting ready for the long run. Thanks Peter for sharing such good advices.


So nice… here in the tropics is the other way around, still finding a way to use all that heat.


I used yesterday as my rest day. Didn’t go to the gym, no work, read some from the bitcoin resource list here, watched some old cowboy bebop, and went to a family friend’s retirement dinner. And now it’s about time to get back to work.


Great idea for tomorrow! :sleeping_bed:


I already did that last weekend on my day off! No studying, no reading, just drove to the city, did some people watching, and grocery shopping, and it felt GREAT! Now, back on the GRIND bro! :+1::rofl:


Rest days are usually Fridays for me. Spend them with the kids and try to stay off technology until they are in bed at least.


i am good enough at it


I just got off of work. time to rest. aaahhhhh. lol play some games, read a couple more chapters of this book i started. When my awesome wife gets home chill with her. and play with my cat, who is asking to play right now.


Coffee shop, Hike with my pup capped off with some delicious Indian food and a movie :wink: