#b90x - DAY 10 - The Discipline of Rest



I will rest, lie down, relax and enjoy music all day.
Cheers! :pray:t4:



This is truly odd, but fascinating! I had a rest day expectantly without even realizing and before viewing this post!

Literally, had BBQ with my friend, we watched movies, talked about real life and yes, even crypots in the Jacuzzi.

Also, found a really amazing relationship with a new lady friend. Yup, today was a good day not worrying about what the market did! LOL


I’m gonna go to bed now. :zzz:


No rest today. Had to work. I’ll settle for chilling on the couch tonight. Saturday ain’t too far away…:sunglasses:


I must have gone through these vids a dozen times!
I wish i had this information when i started. Its an easy trap to fall into, making a trade and watching the market move up, taking profit, thinking you’re a pro only to make another few trades, watch the market fall and then check prices every single day hoping for a bull run.
Maybe its just me, but i would have really benefited from taking a break after the first trade and just enjoyed life for a bit.
Live and learn. Rest would have really let me learn a lot more effectively :):face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’ll rest after the gym, crypto and work… tonight… I promise… for at least half an hour


It was a long day. I slept 5 hours and since 8am I can’t remember which day in the past I worked that much. Long time ago for sure. I was trading whole day, proudly, I’ going to sleep coz I can see my goal closer than ever. Yes today B90X was about discipline of rest. So much ironic. I was watching video few hours ago and I was laughing coz this day wasn’t rest. I’m aware rest is very important. But today was great, I can’t wait tomorrow, I wanna do more. Have a good night Sir.


Today I will do what I haven’t allowed myself to do in a long, long time… binge watch the last 2 seasons of Bones! Also, I will watch my husband play the latest God of War on PS4


It is Sunday so perfect day to apply todays lesson.
Laundry/house chores and grocery run. Fun day ahead :grimacing:


For me the perfect way to rest and relax is to play my guitar, its soothes the soul.:+1::sunglasses:


It’s finally not flucuacating from hot to cold by 30 degrees over here. It’ll be a nice day to play with my daughter after work.


Honestly, I have been too immobilized and sedentary for some time. This includes being in the Philippines with my wife from Nov 27 until Mar 7 so I am ready to put the nose to the grindstone for now!! I will, however, rest when I get weary! Tonight… Avengers Infinity War!!


will do but not today need to move forward and grind


This is one of my weakest personality traits. I have great difficulty disconnecting. I will conscientiously work on this one. I actually have to force myself to go to sleep at night, disconnect from work, and even shut down that old ball-and-chain of a cell phone. The Appalachian Trail hike I just returned from helped me see the wisdom of forcefully disconnecting from everything as it allows you to see WHY you’re doing what you’re doing, besides recharging your physical, emotional and spiritual batteries.


Today I took a well deserved hike with my beautiful wife around Red Rocks, Colorado. We dont get to spend alot of time with each other as we both have very busy schedules. Today was a treat. It was very nice to get some sun onto my skin. It was a great time for my wife and I to come together for a few hours and talk about our shared goals, dreams, visions and what we need to do to achieve these things. It’s great to get the blood moving and the oxygen pumping. It’s meditative, reconnective and grounding. Wonderful for our relationship!


Just had my rest yesterday. No kids, no friends, no people. Just me the sun, some weed and some good music…


My “rest” is a little backwards. When I’m away from work I’m active. I love kayaking, free diving, mountain biking, paint balling, etc. My job is very sedentary, so I get more than enough rest being at work. It’s the kind of job that gives people heart problems and weight gain for sitting too much. So I try to “rest” by going out into the world and keep my body moving. I get plenty of sleep. The older I get it’s becoming more of a priority. In my early 20’s I could work a 12 hour shift and then hit the club until 3AM and repeat. Not anymore buddy…I hit the sack by 8:30PM :joy:


Been in NYC for meetings and brought the family. Even during the last two days I’ve had off, work has encroached. Today I am turning off the email and taking the 11-year-old to Coney Island.


Hang out at the gym for a bit, cook some good food, and spend time with some friends.


The Discipline of Rest

Watched a movie on Netflix tonight.
It was called “The Imagination Game”
Can you guess what it was about?

Crypto. lol :joy:

Specifically, it was about the Enigma cryptography machine the Nazis were using in WW II and how a team of British mathematicians broke the code. Based on a true story.


Resting… I need to give it more practice.

Day 10 – ZZZzzzz…:sleeping_bed: and onward.