#B90X - DAY 1 - Let's Begin



Day 1 …Wow wish I had read that white paper before i started dabbling 5mnths ago … So excited now 100x more than this morning at how this system could and will revolutionise the future.
had to simplify it for myself to understand it so ie. ledgers being record books, blockchain being a line in the record book ect with a little help from google… I know I hve so much more to learn. The thing that excited me most is this system can be used with anything and minimise or completely stop fraud and dishonesty in business using this. look forward to day 2 :grin: #thishastobethefuture


It’s amazing to have all of you guys start the program! It may seem janky at times but stick through it!


Well hello guys. The most important thing for me about bitcoin and cryptocurrency is the fact that in the near future we won’t have to rely on the current banking system, which is getting more and more corrupt and greedy.


Day 1 - Starting the year off right! Read the paper again, it’s been a few months since I started. I really dig the fact that nodes can pop in and out of existence whenever they want and then just accept the proof-of-work as proof of what happened while they were gone.


I just read Nakamoto’s white paper for the first time and I have to say it surprised me the simplicity of the explanation of a such a revolutionary idea. Even though many terms and concepts are far away from my understanding in the matter I was able to grasp the idea of the blockchain functionality. I will definitely come back and read it again in the near future.

btw petty solid reps with +140kg @peter :muscle: I would have never guessed you’d pump iron. Well done!!



Very excited to be here in the BitcoinPub and getting started with B90X. Ive watched (and enjoyed) your videos on youtube and I dont know what took me so long to get here. I read the Satoshi’s whitepaper months ago, I have no programming background but I do remember thinking (based on how far bitcoin had come at the time of my reading) that this will/has changed everything.


Glad you’re here! You’re in good company!
Let’s begin!


I am in. Didn’t really understand much of the whitepaper. Maybe after going thru this course it will make more sense.


All in due time my friend. Strong hands are needed. Willing to go 90 days? I’ll see you in 90!


Good Evening,

I have just finished be first day of this B90X challenge. Is there any advice you all would give to someone with a low budget? Would I still just follow the same advice given thus far and just scale back? Lastly, do you have any recommendations for options other than bittrex and polinex since one is not allowing access to Americans and the other not accepting new people. Let me know some thoughts. Thanks


Binance is great and is accepting new registrations.


White paper was informative, now I understand what the term trustless means… duh. Even as a front-end dev the block chain math is such a constant reminder to me I need to go back and get my study on in math. Thanks for that assignment. Definitely took some discipline to actually read that!!!


Thanks, Happy New Year!

March 23, Friday, 2018 - ROLL CALL! - I will make you 1 BTC in two weeks

Starting the challenge tomorrow , this will be great for crypto muscle memory!


My New Year’s resolution is doing B90X starting tomorrow!


Let’s begin! A new year a new day. Here. We. Go. :rocket:


I feel like I’m back in school!!! Ive learned so much from the Pub today. IM IN FOR THE LONG HAUL


LOL i read it 2 times and dont understand much. But i already remember those schemat pictures hahaha. Going to read it 3rd time this evening.
So the only point that text give out for me is we cant trust himan when in involve profits :). We better trust CPU when making value transfere. All those counting i dont understand though. Something about probability of failure of deffence is low i think ^^


Started this yesterday with the beginners guide, just finished the white papers, tough read… Good content on the videos.


My view has changed. When I heard of Bitcoin, I thought…"hmmm real life W.O.W gold(World of Warcraft). Reading Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper has shown me the tech behind bitcoin. The Blockchain! The steering wheel to my spaceship has made a sharp right turn, and my approach into the cryptospace has become a more serious tone.
@peter Great videos! I appreciate you brother!