#B90X - DAY 1 - Let's Begin



It gets easier over time. I re-read it from time to time. I always learn something new!


I’m happy to say that I’ve completed day one in just about a week. lol. Life. Reading the white paper was a good reinforcement of what my understanding of blockchain and Bitcoin are. I think I glanced at it about 6 months ago, but assumed it would be at a level of nerd over my head. Really glad you start the program here. Everyone should read it. Having some tech friends bring me up to speed on hashing nonce and PoW prior to reading helped. Looking forward to digging into day 2!


Link broken for white paper !


Try this one Sarah - good luck!


Thank you!!! :heavy_check_mark:


My first day of #B90X almost done.
Only left read the white paper. I’m gonna search it in Spanish.
Pretty difficult to me to understand it in English :slight_smile:


I learned that I should invest in bitcoin it right now.


Yahoo brought me here and I already feel like I’m learning a lot, probably jumping in too fast too, but here I go. I’m going to commit.



Good Stuff! Thanks a lot, I finally read the paper and I learned about pruning and probability of capturing the chain. I commit!


Then let’s begin. Here we go!


I joined the bitcoin pub a few days ago - just introduced myself - looking forward to getting to know more great people here!

Thanks for the push to read the white paper. I’d read parts of it but I finally read the full thing. Fascinating! I love this line - “The network is robust in its unstructured simplicity“ It’s time for a decentalized system of trust to provide a better alternative to current financial structure. Ready for a wild ride!

I’ve got a few people in mind to invite - starting conversations with family and friends over Thanksgiving. It’s amazing to see that most people still think bitcoin is crazy, dangerous and/or illegal😁


love that you’re doing this @Jake_Sumner… jump on it and DO NOT QUIT!


Hey fellow Cryptonauts…I ran across this video series that explains the paper in a less technical way. Pretty cool!


Glad to have stumbled upon this! I have already learned that maths still makes my brain melt!


We don’t know who Satoshi Nakamoto is, male or female, a single person or a group of people, but I do believe this is a beautiful gift that was given to humanity.

Bitcoin and blockchain tech is a game changer on a grand scale. I find it amazing that some code could “reprogram” the system that way.

Major events in history always affect the masses in psychological and sociological ways. Bitcoin is no different. The impact I see it having on society means that cooperation is more probable.

I say probably only because we still need to learn to work together, but the environment has changed and the sociological result I see unfolding is the opportunity of cooperation.

Thank you, Satoshi Nakamoto


I’m in! I I have just started learning trading cryptocurrency this 90 day challenge is suggested by my friend. Lets start this.


Let’s get it. The time is now!


Following your channel for a few weeks. on this weekend I decided to start your 90 day challenge.
Just read the whitepaper. Wow. Everything you need to know for the beginning is written in there.

Let’s get it on.


That is a good question. Do you have found an answer?