#B90X - DAY 1 - Let's Begin



This is where it all began! Ingenious!


Today, 02/09/2017, I am starting the B90X challenge. I am not new to life-changing goals to pursue with diligence.

Until four years ago, my life was a mess: I was a skinny-fat nerd, lost in the online gaming, without any real goal. Living in depression, in the wake of the consequences that an intestinal tumour -that I had when I was eight years old- had on my physique and my mind.

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Only then I decided that it was time to wake up and get in control of my life, starting with my health.

Therefore, I decided to self-study biology, nutrition and fitness sciences. To test on me the results of my studies, I started working out at first with a basic 5x5 protocol, and then by designing my own periodized programs. In the meantime, I began to keep track of every possible biomarker in a google sheet that, with time, become even more elaborated:
-The first page is for daily tracking (macros, weight, bf%, calories). --The second page is for weekly trends and photos (average bf%, average weight, circumferences)
-The third page is regrouping periodical blood markers, including trends, to see what effect different kind of macro percentages has on my health-related markers.

Progressively I learned what diligence is, and I upped my game by joining the ISSA, Precision Nutrition and the Fitness Sciences faculty at the University of Camerino, in Italy, where I live. Ultimately I achieved my goals: I am a certified fitness and nutritional coach, my health markers are excellent, my BF% is sub 10%, and I am stronger than ever. I have even started to overcome my social disability by being active in a great fitness related community on Facebook that I will not mention here because I do not know if it is allowed. Finally, I have been authorised to publish three (by day) fitness-related articles on two prestigious websites that I will be happy to share in the “Watercooler” if I am allowed.

Why this long and prolix premise about who I am, and why it is so important to share what I have overcome?

Because I find it to be somehow related to the PDF that I just had the chance to read. In my fitness-related journey, I learned that testing is better than guessing. Manage data and automatize it through the instruments that we have thanks to mathematics models and modern informatics, give us the chance to make informed decisions based on real data, share them openly to discuss and find the simplest solutions for resolving problems.

Even if I am not fully able to comprehend the content in its details, Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper proposes a step-by-step solution for making economics and exchanges more reliable, automated and transparent, exposing it all easily and concisely through the language of mathematics.

In the classic “flat” model we must rely on the services provided by other individuals (banks, intermediaries etc.). The more humans we have to trust managing our money, higher are the chances that something wrong happens (lost in translation effect).

The blockchain model, on the other hand, eliminates the human intermediary and replaces it with an (almost) unhackable machine-based mechanism. On top of that, the “moral” problem is eradicated because a machine will never have a real motivation for “stealing” your money. Can we say the same thing for a human?

We could make a similar argument for calorie counting:

The “flat” model would be relying on another individual for a meal-plan that consist of roughly 11.900 Kcal every week with 130g of protein every day. We cannot use a scale, a tracking app. We are obligated to trust the choices imposed by our “coach”. It can work, but we have not a direct control on it. We must entirely trust another human individual who, being human, can make judgmental and technical mistakes.

The “blockchain” model would be using a reliable equation for calculating your TDEE and then adjust your macros accordingly for what suits best for your lifestyle, using empirical data to keep track (food scale and food log), sharing it publicly with other people or trainers for feedback, making it transparent. This way you are in control of your data, and you can share it with you want, having the chance to make informed decisions.

I will end this post here… I understand that it is way longer than it should be. I know that my ideas on the topic are elementary at best… but I am here to learn, and I should not fear to share my thoughts.

See you all in the next step of the program!


Hello, Im Pablo from ARGENTINA, sorry for my English :grimacing:. Im just begining in this cryprocurrency world. I m very exited about the idea of beeing part of this, I personaly think it woud change significant the way of life of many people in the next few years. I think the wold needs an alternative of this sick sistem of the actual gobernments and financing institutions that are ruling te world in a perverse way.

I read the satoshi nakamoto whitepaper, I didnt understand much :flushed: but I enjoy reading it. I have a question for you guys, he talks about the “programed” inflation of bitcoin. I get that as the total amount of bitcoin is fully in the market the miners only work for te comission of the transaction, and Satoshi sais that in that point Bitcoin price will remain in the same value, making Bitcoin finally in a fiable currency for exange value, I mean it is rigth now but I think we need the price to be estabiliced so as to start using it more in shops. Do you think that is ever going to happen? when? wich price?


Okay, being committed. NO PROBLEM there. I started to buy in last November when Bitcoin was at $747.60. Only put in $100 that day, but have been able to put in a little at a time and now have just over 1 Bitcoin. I am in it for the long haul.

And while I commit to staying in, let me say right now that a WHOLE LOT of this white paper is way above my pay grade as they say. Had no idea what the formulas were saying and I used to think of myself as somewhat of a math whiz. Of course, I never took it past geometry, so what does that say about that? Never mind, it was the sixties, I was in the SF Bay Area and I had a lot more on my mind. Hahaha. What did sink in from the white paper was the fact that the bad guys will do better just following the rules than trying to break them.

I just discovered Bite Size Bitcoin a couple weeks ago and am glad I did. Being part of a group as talented and ahead of the curve as this one is, is exactly where I need to be.

Oh and by the way, forget the stereotype that old people won’t get cryptocurrencies. I’m 72 and am turned on like a High School kid seeing a set of boobs for the first time. WOO HOO! Gimme some of that!

Thanks to everyone here, especially you Peter.


Lets do the damn thing! Korean BBQ. I read the white paper and now I want to move forward with you guys lets go go go!


What i learnt, and what is so beautiful about it, is that the underlying framework and ethos which enables it to function without taint, is fundamental humanistic principality. It’s source code is engineered in such a way that it allows for equality amongst all; there might be high earners however; this is gained by inputting more. Whether it be mining and CPU power, or those who use it for personal use; the ethos and framework derives from morality, kindness, unity and the breakdown or oppression.

It recognises effort, and with that, comes reward. It self-sustains fairness through computational power, but most importantly, through giving us, the people, equal control and ownership without prejudice.


I have learned, that Bitcoin is the way of simplification interactions with the users. I have understood how does the blockchain is built inside with the transactions and headers. Why do we need to have honoured chain and how difficult it would be for an attacker to break the system by the time. For me, it kind of centralized, that exist big pools, which decides by herself how to vote. Because whenever you have a CPU - you have a vote, but with big pulls, this vote has 1 person or group of persons. I wish I will survive until the time when mining wouldn’t be any more to see the beauty of Bitcoin) I would invest in Bitcoin not only from good investment side but from the innovation and history changing side) I love Bitcoin)

Also, I have convinced 3 my friends to invest in Bitcoin)


I am inspired by my college roommate, who is one of the most self disciplined person I have ever meet.
always relaxed but always productive.

some of the things I think made him successful is that he never afraid to ask, to debate, and constantly learning



I learned quite a bit reading over the Satoshi Bitcoin white paper again. It is pretty interesting, how the goal is to create a peer to peer electronic cash, I do find it interesting how a lot of Alt-coins are trying to do the same thing.

I learned in greater detail how the confirmations of transactions work and blocks. I don’t fully understand every technical detail and every exact thing, but I get the general idea, even though I struggle to try and understand the technical details.

Sometimes when I try to explain BTC to people, my mind tends to jump into the parts I don’t fully understand, even though I can give a great general description of what BTC is and how it works. I don’t know why, but I always want to explain bitcoin in greater detail. maybe to try and provide new people with a good understanding of what bitcoin is and how it works on a more technical level.

Also, since TenX, Monaco, Token Card have come about and I have only really looked at them a few weeks ago. I have been thinking, why do we need debit cards, at first I was thinking. Debit cards are great, and I am sure there really isn’t any problem with having them. I am just thinking, they are not necessary. Why not just build a payment system where you can use 2 phones and tap your phone like you would a card onto the other phone and have it pay the bill.
It seems to me this would be way simpler and would avoid any of the additional infrastructure and need to partner with other companies to use their service.
I am not sure if it is necessary to convert it to cash first so business can legally accept it. if so, then totally disregard this statement until it is legal to accept cryptocurrencies. (I am aware some countries have made cryptos or BTC legal payment). If it is the case, then Let’s Go Crypto Debit Cards, TenX baby! and Monaco if they are actually legit and have visa or anyone where they can spend BTC and ETH at 36 Mil places. (I just don’t much about Token card to say much about it :confused: )




Hi, Alberto from Venice - Italy, I joined this channel couple weeks ago, this site yesterday and I started my “training”.
It seems so much interesting to improve my skills, I am on the market from around 3 months and I made one million stupid choices, but I was also brave to regain my initial investment (in part with some suggestions, in part with my recent intuitions).

I read the whitepaper and I believe that the fact I like more is about the safety of the transactions and the distributed responsability of this environment.

I try now to invite a friend of mine to join this “trip”. See you soon guys!


Amazing to read the bitcoin whitepaper and now I realized how groundbreaking his concept was. Still, bitcoin core doesn’t seems like it’s going to be an everyday basis coin and probably will be just a way of storage while alt coins fight for this place.

Proof of work doesn’t sound sustainable but proof of stake doesn’t convince me that much in terms of security, I need to read more about the subject.


Groundbreaking. Revolutionary. Elegant. I love the dis-incentivization of fraudulence that he inherently built into the system, as well as the inherent privacy for end-users that is also baked in.


This was a great review as I’m doing some prep work for social stuff! Thanks for posting the many links here Peter! To follow protocol of the thread:

The receiver generates a new key pair and gives the public key to the sender shortly before
signing. This prevents the sender from preparing a chain of blocks ahead of time by working on
it continuously until he is lucky enough to get far enough ahead, then executing the transaction at
that moment.

Pretty phenomenal on the timing of generating the public key. Complex but at a high level, its pretty awesome the way accountability is baked in at every step.


Peter, I read Satoshi Nakmoto’s white paper. I get it, it’s the foundation of what bitcoin is all about. It is brilliant and confusing since I don’t understand the lingo. However, I did get the preventing double payments, virtually impossible to hack because of proof of work, and proof is better than trust. I’ll have to read it again cause I’m interested in how those formulas work. Don’t get the hash thing, but I definitely know he wasn’t talking about weed, joke. In all I will read it again and go through his sources.

I feel like I’m doing homework. Hope I get an A, joke.


Good man. Glad you’re here! Welcome to the beginning of awesome! Keep going through each day! Pace yourself!


Dude! I didn’t understand most of what I read in Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper so I dug in a little more with Google and YouTube to see if I could make sense of it. Obviously, I was able to find plenty of information on how Bitcoin and blockchain technology work. Wow! This stuff is amazing. I wish I would’ve learned about this technology sooner but I’m glad I did now, better late than never. I keep hearing people compare cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to the internet boom and I can see that more clearly now. I don’t think anyone truly imagined the internet becoming what it is today - eCommerce, social media, news, entertainment, banking (I haven’t been inside a bank in years), reviews, travel, communication, marketing etc. etc. - It has changed nearly everything. Same could be said about mobile phones and many other things throughout history. I believe blockchain technology is one of those things. There’s no doubt in my mind, it’s a big deal and the possible applications for it seem endless. I’ve still got a lot to learn but this is a great start. Thank you! @peter @moderators @everyone for this great environment to learn in.


100!% glad you’re here my man! Let’s do this!!!:rocket::rocket::rocket:


Enjoy the Ride! :rocket::cowboy_hat_face:


Ready to secure my seat…TO THE MOON !! :smiley:


Let’s do this! Rocket boosters go!!!:rocket: