#B90X - DAY 1 - Let's Begin



3rd round! Amazing! Good luck and let’s get it!


Lets do this again!!!


4th round to complete B90X year tour. Let’s do this !


Starting 3rd tour of B90x. Damn, trila you’re crushing it, tour 4 already.


B90X newbie day 1 and round 1… Pray for me universe


my second time around!! B90 X was a life changing course for me… 2nd round lets go!!


I’m in,

At some points the white paper can be a dry read so I left that to John in the Youtube video, I read along. I had some insight into how block chain technology is supposed to work theoretically so most of it didn’t come as a surprise. I just really enjoy the non 3rd party transfers, extra fees for no reason bothers me.