Awesome Couples & Duos - People Are Awesome 2018 - Dating group?



It’s not really a dating site name, more of a book title :+1:


Someone a few days ago mentioned:

Bitcoin & Chill

but “hard fork hookups” is awesome!
bit “soft fork hookups” is more suitable for the romantic type!

Either way, this is dope!


Think it could’ve been me,it was bitpub and chill. :fist:


You know what popped into my head when I done it, the “What am I gonna do” meme :joy::joy::joy:


@Clarky663 “Bitpub and Chill!” for the win!!! Not too hardcore, Not too softcore, Just about sums us all up! LMAO!


How come my best ideas come along when I am drinking? :tumbler_glass::joy:


@Clarky663 got it! :joy:

@Hafid lol Bitcoin & Chill lolol
lol anything with “fork" and "hookups” in doesn’t sound romantic to me tbh :rofl:

“Bitpub and Chill” refers to Netflix and Chill which means: :point_right::ok_hand: [on the 1st date]

There are like 3 types of dates imo…to find a (possible):

  1. one night stand
  2. fuck buddy
  3. life partner

I’m sure the Saddingtons want to support the 3rd kind; not sure about the first 2…

@Clarky663 this one?

Btw, I saw this today:



lol, thanks @Wichal_Rangai.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think one of my Schnapsidee‘s would come good :pray:


@Clarky663 I guess so; thank you!
lol were you drunk when came up with “hodl my hand dating”?
This might be the best one imo. :green_heart:

@everyone thanks for contributing – I believe this is funniest thread ever. :joy:

I thought of 2 other pub groups, namely one for Mac-users and one for Xennials. I will start 2 threads for a brainstorm session on these in a minute, here in the Meta section.


Unfortunately I wasn’t drunk :joy: but I was thinking about getting drunk, if that counts :crazy_face:
This thread was hilarious, thanks.:fist:





o no :rofl:



99 men for every one woman



@Clarky663 NOPE ! It has been scientifically proven ! That wasn’t a schnapsidee ! :smile::ok_hand:

@everyone What about:
Hodl a Hand - [TheBitcoinPub] Dating Group ™ ?
“Hold my hand” sounds a bit desperate / needy to me :thinking:

I like:
“Decentralized Dating”

I think of making a poll 48 hours after I created this post with names I believe are appropriate for a group of ‘the 3rd kind’ [ to possibly find a life partner / a friend ] :innocent:

I don’t mind people creating a group for the first two kinds, but like I said earlier I don’t know if the Saddington Bro’s™ wanna support that… :confused:


Just realised that HODL a hand is supposed to be hold a hand, I thought it meant something else completely because of the men/women ratio most men won’t get dates so will have to settle for a hand :joy:


In some paralel universes there are rogue pubs with dating groups called:

Eggplants & Oysters

Keeping it food related… Thanks for the reminder @Rav3n lol

I thought of one Dutch folks would get:

“Maaslander & Soepstengels” – or worse: “Gatenkaas & Soepstengels”…

And, one for the Surinamese: “Bara & Bloedworst”.

Not like this, guys… Not like this…! :joy:



Satoshi Singles sounds too negative, but how about


okay and then two for the crowd:

  • PUMP N DUMP (for date cat. 1)
  • CRYPTOFRIENDFINDER (for date cat, 1/2)

:musical_note:sitting under the MERKLE TREE



Could be the winner lmao :joy:


lol u’r killin’ it

I love the name Satoshi…a Japanese name usually given to boys…
So, maybe a good name for “a Grindr like” group lol
Or just call it Grinder perhaps – seems food related :thinking: lol
O, man, that’s really “sausage fest” * facepalm *

OK… 39 more hours for the straight category 3 poll… lol

This could be fun still for as long as it lasts… :laughing:


I can’t top this without going into inappropriate territory, so I won’t even try. :rofl: