Australian Auscoin ICO


Hey Crypto Nation. First post and a bit of a noob so please forgive me in advance.

I dont even know if I am posting this in the right place.

I wanted to know if anyone knew anything about or maybe if Peter (Dogelord) could have a look at and give his wisdom on Auscoin.

Its a ICO over here in Australia and they are rolling out 1200 BTC ATM’s over the next year.

Cher to cher.


I’m Australian, and I wouldn’t invest.

It might turn a profit from ICO to sale, but I doubt it’ll be one to stand the test of time. There’s no real use-case for it. Why not use another currency and fund transactions, etc from that? The market is saturated with coins like this that are not really needed.

It’ll lure in people that are looking for traditional investment returns (ie. dividends from holding coins), but overall I don’t see it giving as good returns as a stable coin/token (BTC/ICX/NEO/ETC/ETH). Australian baby boomers will probably jump on this though, thinking that they’re investing in new technology.

That’s my thoughts anyway. If you want a decent Australian project, look at Power Ledger.

EDIT: Check out that Roadmap… Definitely doesn’t instill confidence for me.


Don’t think australia is ready unless countries like america fully accepts it first. If this project was in Asia then i will consider it because Australia is alway too behind on everything . An atm, meh. Most stores will eventually accept both coins and cash. i don’t see the point of an atm.