Asian Natural Forest / Shrine Hand Drawn Artwork (Inc. Stand)


I’ve tried selling my artwork on Ebay but it got 0 views so I thought I would try my first crypto art sale.

This artwork is largely inspired by Asia / nature and it also happens to be my first hand drawing on wood (bamboo). People have commented that the artwork looks very pschedelic and it’s definitely a little more abstract vs my other works.

I’m willing to sell this for almost any coin although my preference is BTC (exc. UK shipping cost). If you’re interested just leave a bid amount below. By next week I will be able to sent it out so if I recieve a bid I like, I will contact you regarding how you want the item shipped.

(Included with the artwork is also the wooden stand)

Wood Artboard Dimensions: L22cm x W15cm x D0.8cm
Wood Stand Dimensions (optional): L31xm x W15.5cm x D7cm


This looks beautiful. I’m not sure I can put a price on art… but man. I’d love to have it.


Selling on eBay or on either site, even Etsy requires you to share in social media. You have to push your wares otherwise folks will never look.


I’ve found lots of stuff on Etsy through Google or Etsy itself.

But with anything creative, you have to build your own audience or be very very lucky that someone else will do it for you.

You don’t automatically get plays by putting a video on YouTube either :slight_smile: