Are You a "Ticket Hodler" (New Badge)?! 🚀 🎫 🤩



I want this badge. Can I got a fraction of the badge for my fractional ownership? J/k. I’m waiting for the day to DM you for my badge. On another note is there a way to show off the badges we have earned?


like… this?


I don’t see any badges? Something along the lines of displaying it without having to tap the users profile. Kinda like the patron’s badge.


I guess I am entitled to get the badge :hodl:


Cool. Just granted you the badge :slight_smile:
Also I granted myself at the same time.


I want one of those tickets too. Do I just show a BTC?


I have witnessed your holdings with my own eyes.


Am i doing this right :sweat_smile:


Need to DM me or john some proof & will take care of it :slight_smile:




Congrats man, we may not agree with each other in a political thread but at least we have something in common when it comes to crypto :smile:


:rofl:, if its real gold you are at least getting closer


Absolutely man!
I dont take that stuff too seriously because im right most of the time :rofl:
But seriously tho, I dont get too upset over there at all. Its all in good argumentative fun!

But outside of that, i got my first BTC back in Jan.
NEO exploding was a big help with a few other smaller crytpos that i put into.


Still need more people on this thread!


Yeah i heard in theory…if most people possessed and actually used BTC…it would be worth an insanely amount more.

Keep pushing people…im pretty shocked at how low BTC is right now…so that means that if you havent gotten your 1BTC…now would be a GREAT time to close in on it!


Ticket holder here for the strong HODL.