Apollo Currency


Any pubbers have any thoughts on Apollo Currency??? Looks like it is trying to be an all-in-one currency with privacy features and its own wallet. It is currently going through a coin distribution phase this month which is not an ICO so we can participate. They accept fiat and crypto. Just wanted your thoughts? Thanks.


This is my first post and mainly it’s b/c I’m stunned that your inquiry about Apollo Currency didn’t receive a whirlwind of replies (good and/or bad). I stumbled across it the other day, watched a bunch of videos, read the whitepaper and what’s holding me back is that is seems too good to be true. Someone has to have some insight on Apollo Currency?!


The more I read about it the more it looks like a copy of Ethos that is all set to release the finalised product in the next few weeks.
Saw an interview on cryptocrow that it would be Netherlands who would be the first to get the universal wallet/exchange.

Agreed that Apollo has some unique features but there is a product that has a finished product and they are just bug testing at the moment.
What are your views on this?


Hey guys,
I got some of this as it was too good to resist at such a price. Even if they deliver half of what they say, I’ll be more than happy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But my Apollo wallet is sending me a message that I need to make an outgoing transaction to make the account secure?! :flushed:
They say I could even message someone and that would do it?!


Doesn’t seem revolutionary and website is very bad. :// That’s my personal take.


What is it that you like about it @CryptoHolmes?


I thought it is an interesting and ambitious project, If they can do even half of what they say. Also I am not able to invest in typical ICOs so this looked like it might be an opportunity to get in at a really cheap price. I put a little money in knowing that it is a gamble like all start ups. Now just hodl until it gets on some bigger exchanges and see what happens.