Anyone willing to share their opinion on profit trailer


so my friend got profit trailer and was gonna let me use his binance bot what does The Pub have to say about trading bots? I want everyone’s thoughts both positive and negative, if this thread gets enough discussion maybe if @Peter allows maybe he could Skype me for my personal view, but for now I wanna hear from The Pub members only your replies plus the curiosity of @Peter will get me to state my honest belief of “trading bots”


All I can say is if you do your research you’d see that you basically program the bot yourself, telling it tendencies and boundaries in which it is able to trade. It will read patterns and basically do what you tell it to do while you aren’t there watching it.

Bots aren’t free money and require you to check up on them often or new trends will quickly end up losing you money


My friend picked it up. Ended up with more bags than his local grocery store. But for some, it works.


We would prefer that people don’t get caught up in bots and PnD.

But unless you’re in the inner circle… hard to really profit!


love that comment getting closer to my view on it @Peter that’s why I love the pub such great comments from everyone so far I love the opinions keep them coming lol


See this, which I wrote on my site. I’m an experienced user of Profit Trailer and will be glad to answer any questions!
Profit Trailer review