Anyone willing to share their opinion on profit trailer


so my friend got profit trailer and was gonna let me use his binance bot what does The Pub have to say about trading bots? I want everyone’s thoughts both positive and negative, if this thread gets enough discussion maybe if @Peter allows maybe he could Skype me for my personal view, but for now I wanna hear from The Pub members only your replies plus the curiosity of @Peter will get me to state my honest belief of “trading bots”


All I can say is if you do your research you’d see that you basically program the bot yourself, telling it tendencies and boundaries in which it is able to trade. It will read patterns and basically do what you tell it to do while you aren’t there watching it.

Bots aren’t free money and require you to check up on them often or new trends will quickly end up losing you money


My friend picked it up. Ended up with more bags than his local grocery store. But for some, it works.


We would prefer that people don’t get caught up in bots and PnD.

But unless you’re in the inner circle… hard to really profit!


love that comment getting closer to my view on it @Peter that’s why I love the pub such great comments from everyone so far I love the opinions keep them coming lol


See this, which I wrote on my site. Now republished onto medium, with basically a full strategy guide and all the ins and outs of using it, no where else is there as much info about using PT in one place, a detailed guide on how to use it plus my exact settings. I’m an experienced user of Profit Trailer and will be glad to answer any questions!

Profit Trailer Review!| Profit Trailer settings.
Profit Trailer review


I just want confirmation that the bot is an actual bot and not BITCONNNECTTTTT


also, are good scripts available when you buy, or is that something as peter says - only for the inner circles


That’s just about the stupidest comparison anyone could make, PT is a trading bot and tool. Bitconnect is a ponzi, I doubt anyone dumb enough to invest lots of money in Bitconnect would have the intellect or skill to operate Profit Trailer tbh. A better comparison to PT would be that it’s a more streamlined stable superior version of Gunbot, as the development teams oriinally had some overlap.


Another misunderstanding. The default script is fine, but if you are an intermediate trader you should understand how to adapt it to a method you want as the settings ar based on methods like EMA, SMA, Bollinger Bands amongost other things. I have devised a method which is close to how I would trade manually. A few Youtube users offer their scripts for free, and lots of people in the Dichord official forum will share their settings, on my site I have shared a few too all you have to do is apply them. This is not a set and forget tool where you press a magic button, it’s an advanced trading tool that can exponentially grow your base currency faster if you know how to use it.


Peter If there is an inner circle, I might possibly be part of it :wink: Seriously if you know how to trade already you can just apply how you would trade to it to a large extent. I’m awaiting Elroy the creator to implement MACD/Stochatics crossover and Ichimoku and it will be an even better tool. I was part of a group that tested and discused strategies extensively so yes I am an advanced user and before that I was a beta user of a part of Gunbot called Gunbot University.


Just be careful. A PnD has layers like an onion; and you need to established to be in the inner circle. The outer layers, receive a command in delay; and this resonates through out the structure of participants who receive devastating results. The minority win. Be carful and ignore at all cost!


in all due respect that’s a dumb ignorant comment. Have you researched what Profit Trailer actually is? It is a TRADING BOT/TOOL. Has no relation to PND groups. Please read my article to understand what it is, and then tell me it’s a pnd group.


Relax. In no way did I make reference to the bot and it’s association with PnD; I was merely adding an analogy to someone making reference to how they work.

And how it might interact. So it’s wasnt a dumb comment: it added context. And I’m relariokn to the bot; I’ve heard good things.

So don’t be rude man


Okay. But it’s still a completely invalid comment which a lot of users would find insulting. If you are using that logic you might as well say most businesses are pnds. PT is like any community, some users are more experienced than others and obviously some who are very experienced like myself will offer coaching, because some people need that extra help, and why would I or any other advanced user give away all our knowledge at once for free? Does a 3rd degree blackbelt or sensei impart all their knowledge at once to a white belt? And many of us give away more than enough free advice which if used alone will be enough to help you considerably and get you on the right track, hence if you have a question ask me here and I’ll be happy to answer it. Let me continue that anology, imagine the field of martial arts. You have Karate, Taekwondo, Akido etc. Profit Trailer is maybe Karate. There are also different dojos within that where some have private tutors some who are better than others and who may charge for additional services e.g. one on one prep for full contact MMA competition, because our experience of competition is in demand. In the same way Olympic athletes hire top coaches, as well as being a member of a club, so thus there is a big community and there are businesses that branch off it. make sense?


I was making a comment in reference to PETER! I did not say cause any offense by adding on to what peter said, the dialogue, but not once did I associated a bot with PnD. I guess we have something in common; I equally am not naive on bots and automation.

Feel you took it way of context; it be very evident if I said “yup, that bot engages in PnDs” , so…

Anyway; it’s a shame you wouldn’t let me answer or elaborate on your question.

Oh well


Okay then I may have misunderstood then, as I didn;t get the context of your comments, so apologies. Just that I’ve seen some very odd comments around the internet where people are asking “Is Bitconnect related to Profit Trailer” and there seem to be some very ignorant people who are not doing their research.


What I might do when i get the time is for anyone who does end up using it I could do a AMA type session where I’ll share some more knowledge about how I use it. I’ve updated my original article by the way so that it has even more detail on it on how I manage risk with it as well as a small FAQ.


It’s ok don’t apologise; just misunderstanding. The internet will always bring many opinions; but as long as you trade with a system that works, and is not controversial; that’s all that matters


Indeed. The most important thing to understand which I now see you get is it’s a tool that can really help you in how you trade, but it’s not a replacement for the skill of knowing markets themselves. I’ve seen some pretty irresponsible videos and articles from PT users saying “Turn 1k into 1 million” and whilst that may not be impossible, they are being misleading. Is it possible? Yes, but to do that you’d have to have a semi active management strategy like I have in place and know how to react to market changes, compound for some time, know when to take profits etc.