Anyone else starting to talk like peter? yooooooooo! doge!


i do admit… I have been referring to every yoga position my gf does as “downward doge”


Damn shame. My 8 yo screaming biiiiitttttconnect :joy::joy: (I videoed it. But it won’t let me upload it :disappointed:)


How many people have a Blueberry 'Splosion in your pants? Show of messy hands. :smile:



Hey wait a min…mysterium coin…


I think we just resurrected this thread from the morgue. :smiley: What the heck, it’s the holidays!


I found out about your jam from one of Peter’s videos! Talk about creative marketing, much kudos to you! :slight_smile:


Bahahaha that’s hilarious @SukoshiHidariMaki


It actually was not for marketing at all. We only blueberry farm 6-8 weeks a year. I just can a shit ton of jams and jellies. So I figured it would be a nice gift. He used to eat blueberries on stream in the mornings all the time. Those were the days…


A tasty story indeed! (sorry, couldn’t resist. ) :slight_smile:


I’m resurrecting this post from the dead because things are getting out of hand :joy:@CryptoDad just kissed me on the neck and said “that’s gotta give you a tingle in the bajis!” :woman_facepalming:


OMG. That is the best! @booins


i texted this to my 15 yo 2 days ago… #NOPE


Ewww :joy::nauseated_face: @peter


I swear… it’s getting ridiculous :joy::joy:



I got this card and fried chicken! Guess who’s not cooking supper tonight :raising_hand_woman:t3:‍♀️:heart_eyes: I’ll take fried chicken over roses any day! Haha


I started talkin like carlos too. Its like im 15 all over again.


I love Carlos. Can we get him on the stream please?





Ill work on it.

Probably easier if it came from you though. Id donaye a few ripple nipple to him.