Anyone else starting to talk like peter? yooooooooo! doge!


“smash that like button!!”


I am for sure! :blush:

and I have the best picture of him and his little Doge :star_struck::+1::ok_hand::muscle:

Much awesomeness!!! :+1::+1::+1:


We are going to pump Korean BBQ to the moon yooooooooo
Anyong Hasayao


That’s awesome. Thanks. I don’t know if my neighbours feel the same way in the middle of the night, but was pretty therapeutic.

Doooooooogeeeee :doge:


you´re welcome! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


hahahaha my 2 favorite boys!!! thanks for the laugh :rofl:


i keep saying "we’re going to the moon guys! " lol
and for some reason my niece walks around saying “NOPE” lol


Haha, it’s like a virus that keeps spreading!



Everyday! This is how we crypto communicate :joy::joy::joy:


Hahahaha my Fiancé & I are doing the same!!! Your texts were hilarious!


this is too much. see you tomorrow morning?


Yep. We will be there. It’s been a boring couple of days with no live streams! :blush:


Wow! so lovely <3 this picture will last forever!
your beautiful son will follow in the footsteps of giants (his daddy :>)


I’ve definitely been saying “YOOOOOOOOOOO!” more…it’s all the Dogelord’s fault.


NOPE!!! To The MOOOOOOOooooooooooooNNNNNNNNN!!!


No words. I have no words for how funny that is.


Lol - totallly catching myself saying YOOOoooooo!!! SMASH that like button!! And Korean Bah-be-que

Too funny :joy:


because you are making assumptions that investments pay off.
once you burned through 100% of that money or it just got stolen from you (check the thread I just posted today about the hacked parity wallet), you are left with a debt and no reserves to pay it back.


NNOPE… guys, c’mon guys. too easy