Any Pub Members have Spirituality Interests?


Wow! Funny you say that. I’ve had the similar experience. But it only lasted 1 min or so.

Seeing the external world and internal world without associations, labels from memory. It was child-like. Massive joy from the excitement of not knowing anything. I was curious about it all.

However it was lost when I tried to intellectualize, similar to what happened to you Brett.


I’m a Christian. God is moving mightily and I believe he gave us cryptocurrencies to save us from the crash of fiat currency.


I’ve been on both sides. Bitcoin created by God, and Bitcoin as mark of the beast.

Finally understood that, technology itself is agnostic and it’s upon us which direction Cryptos will go.

Reading The Bible we know about events coming but we already are on the war.

Knowing technology we can easily recognize future, but doesn’t mean to sit and wait.
We can and should work and do best we can to change our world we lives in.

Satoshi is gone, we still here, let’s do it.


I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


@kimchi that seems like a wise place to be.


For sure brother, have balance within the spiritual and physical. Too much of either and you’ll find yourself wobbling too much in life.:smile:


Prefacing to say I am simply responding to Lite_Rockk’s question and not looking for a debate. :slightly_smiling_face:

I grew up Southern Baptist. Still identify as Christian but not as evangelical, did not vote Trump, ally to LGBTQ community and immigrants , studied judo, kyokushin karate, Qi Gung, Meyers Briggs, watched a lot of videos about happiness.

Ive witnessed people being emotionally healed via prayer, witnessed someone come out of a coma immediately via prayer and without brain damage that was high possibility , I believe I’ve had Holy Spirit experiences on my life (health and spiritual closeness).

After all that, I definitely believe in a higher power. For me it’s Jesus.
What I hope for everyone is that we ultimately find happiness and peace.


Yes of corse. Believe in absolutely nothing is a torture for the human condition. I know that from personal experience :yum:
Little more than 10 years ago a was a miserable little punk/criminal. Addict to every illegal substance under the sun.
I know i was a looser.
5 times convicted felon.
Thank god i did not live in the USA.
If it would not have been for a series of random events and really really good people that I didn’t really know that well. Helping my to get a grip of reality and show me what unconditional love is.
Not just to a stranger but to a another human being.
I would not be here today if it was not for them.
My point is my higher power has nothing to do with religion, but it is for that thing I believe that tethers my to every human being i come to contact with and my love and respect i have for them means i love them just the way they are,
even if i don’t like them :yum:
The things i heve accomplished in those 10 years.
Im still single and no children.
I heve done all my dream jobs.
I found out that most of them are boring😏
So i picked my job based on income and left my
Favorite things to do in this world as hobbies not professions.

My higher power/god/believes are my own.
The funny thing is if you would get to know me you would never guess i meditate when im alone and
I am a werry spiritual individual through my own beliefs which is still today I have no idea what that is.
all I know it is there is no one going to write books about it because no one can catch it :wink:
Thanks for reading.

Peter Stone


I was born in the countryside of Rome, Italy, big deal for the Catholics and all those followers of the Vatican’s agenda. Raised in a semi-religious family and went to Catholic private school from age 3 to 10 so about eight years of indoctrination there plus some courses up until 13 yo in order to do ALL of the ceremonies/rituals that they wanted me to do. I have never felt any spirituality in me for a single second so after that I though I might as well try the other side and switch on full “anti-Christ mode” on that lasted more than a few years and never felt any spirituality in me again. But man it was fun, my life went so much south in terms of everything compared to my family expectations that became my persistent act of rebellion against something that was forced on me when I couldn’t defend myself or argue about it. I can’t really explain details in a post (even because I am to lazy to write) but let’s just say that I don’t know how I am still alive today after all I’ve tried to endanger my physical being, the only real limit I could stop for was some type of pain that occasionally I would experience then stop, catch breath>start over. Unmotivated risk has been the real motive behind my actions during those years and thanks to that circus I daily set up for myself I never really accomplished anything major in my life. I still don’t accomplish much and don’t believe in firm goals but I do have learned a lot of things, seen incredible stuff and acquired skills that are my supernatural powers today. Few of these are: being able to read people and predict behaviors, nearly instant zen mode, amazing health and recovery, manipulative cognition, finding joy in everything, fearlessness, selflessness. Now between the latter achievements and my early spiritual stages there have been a number of episodes where I could really do nothing but help people to feel my life worth living, 'cause any religious promise for eternal life or infinite terrestrial wealth would not cut it for me, I was interested in nothing but the passage of time and watching the ripple effect of my interactions. I am also cynical until I can defy the flow of the matrix by taking a sudden and unexpected action, preferably a good action towards someone.
Long story short today I firmly believe that you should not expect any big reveal in and beyond your life because everything it’s already disclosed, it’s just hard to see through the noise such as religions, politics, feelings, inducted beliefs. God doesn’t know our intentions and constantly forgets so plenty of room to work there my friends…don’t focus on anything but experience a bit of everything, find yourself in an stranger perhaps collectively we make God what we want him to be
Peace :v:


Yes. I’m a Course in Miracles fan.


I do daily yoga but thats about it.


In a word, yes. Yes, I do.


This is a fascinating few paragraphs of reading. Thanks for sharing, and I am very sorry for your loss.

It has always fascinated me to hear the different ways that people come to what I consider an “awareness” of the spiritual world. For so many, there comes a single moment in time where we are confronted with the reality of the spiritual dimension of life, unencumbered by the physical reality that is always pressing on us so heavily. The spiritual is a whisper, and the physical seems to be a shout.

If you are ok with it, I would like to pray for you in your family in this time of loss.

God bless, man. I hope that you and yours find peace with this.


Hey @VeryTotemo! My parents are Baptist missionaries, and I grew up going to Baptist churches (I still attend) both in the States, and in Panama (central America). Glad to see that there are some other no-dancing, Bible thumping Baptists in the cryptosphere. :upside_down_face:


Thanks brother, that’s kind and yes, pray away! I’m in a good place now (and I feel that my Dad is too).


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