Any MeetUps Near You?



Greetings to all.
My name is Trekk and I’m reaching out to the pub for some help. I’m working on a project its called Trekken Cryptos 2 Connect. In short, I’m looking to go to MeetUps and other groups that are focused on cryptos and blockchain technology. I’m looking to reach out to different cities and states.

I would like to connect with the founders of the groups and get their take on what they see developing in their group in relation to the bigger crypto community. Based on my trek so far. I have noticed differences based on how the group is set up and where it is located. If your a founder of a group please reach out.

For right now, I’m going to places that are driving distance from the DMV. I’m willing to go pretty much anywhere. But booking a hotel everywhere is costly. I’m NOT ASKING ANYONE for money. But it would be really helpfull if anyone had a spear room or comfy couch to sleep on.

If you know of a MeetUp or group that is centered on cryptos and blockchain please send me the info about your event.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you all.


I have a spare room that you can use… just let me know…


Just my perspective here. I think this is a much greater ask than for money. This means inviting you into one’s private life which for me is reserved for just a few close friends and family. I have co-workers that I have known for years that I would not invite to stay in my home even though I do not think they would do anything.

I am not saying this to discourage just put some perspective on the fact you are requesting to enter and stay in ones home and both parties do not know each other. I see this as a much bigger risk than assisting with a hotel for a night.

I wish you the best of luck on your endeavors.



Since you live in Orlando (you indicate DMV) you should go big and just keep your eyes open for crypto, banking and regulatory events that fill the areas hotels. My presumption is that you are in a golden town for that. If you can’t afford the entry fees you can usually identify the hotel that most of the attendees will be in and introduce yourself.

I’m also presuming that the local hotels report their incoming events to a convention authority which then publishes that information “somewhere”. Try that avenue first.

Not stalking but: Follow some of the Top 100 Crypto Influencers ( to see where they go on their travels. Sometimes they tell you in advance whether they will be in Orlando.

Also, look in for a local crypto group. If you come to Atlanta it’s a free admission group and then we have after presentation drinks at an adjoining bar. Most of the people come for at least one drink. Post to the group ahead of time that you’ll be there and ask to meet with people.

If you travel to a town look for the cheapest hotels you can get. has some but I’d suggest that you identify first what chains have the cheapest rooms and are fairly close to the event you are going to. I’d also not be able to put you up. Sorry.

Anyway, best of luck with your efforts.


I totally get what you’re saying @Nekko. I know it is a big thing to let people into your personal space. I feel that way about my home too. But I will say there is also a risk on my part in trusting people I don’t know to bring me into a safe space and not be sketchy. Or look to “rob” me, which they will be sad know I don’t have much, lol.

The bigger thing for me is to connect with people in the space at the ground level. I’m all about talking and learning from good conversations. In the last 4 months, I have learned more from various conversations than compared to just watching youtube vids over the years. Actually, I should say I have a better understanding of the space and the people who are in it.

Nonetheless thanks for the words of encouragement. If you hear of any meetups or other groups in your area please let me know.


Hey @Peter_Rehm
Actually, that’s for DC, Maryland, and Virginia. The idea isn’t to go talking to all the bigwigs. There are already enough people doing that in my opinion. I’ll look to connect with people at the ground level aka the actual end user. For all the talk going on at conferences, that’s more of the higher level, regulatory, accredited investors talks. Like I said, there are tons of people already doing that. I don’t need to add to the noise.

Great idea about the hotels and listing the conferences they are having. Eventually, I will start going to more of those but that more for keeping taps on the higher level topics.

As for not looking to do hotels. It’s not that I won’t stay at a hotel or motel. Its that for right now, I’m running a one-person show. I’m still working on having a recognized voice in the space and still working to get clients. I’ve been just living off my “savings” to this point and getting on orders when possible. I’ve been to 3 to 4 events in one week and that’s going between states and lodging adds ups. So I have to start our small. Hell, I’ve slept in a fox whole before, lol. So sleeping on a couch is no big deal, lol. I’m even working on figuring out how to set the space up in my mini suv for the longer drives. Just pull out the sleeping bag and rack out, lls. I’m simple man.

I know the project sounds like a lot. But based on what I’ve seen so far. No one is paying attention like that to the people at the ground level and how the community is evolving. I want to talk with the people running those groups and understand what they are seeing while spreading the word about what other groups are doing.

Thanks for the words of encouragement. When I get down to Atlanta, I hope we can catch up.


hey @Tigger2

thanks man, it’s greatly appreciated. What city and state are you in? You can IM me that part. Also what kind of groups are in your city now?


Hey there,

My name is Rose and I live in Flint, MI

I don’t know of any groups here, but I am new to all of this but learning.

You are welcome here if it helps you out.


Mail]( for Windows 10


So if anyone is interested this is my first interview for Trekken Cryptos 2 Connect. I interviewed Terri Phifer of the Government Blokchain Association. Would appreciate any feedback. This is the full interview.