Any Macbook whiz? Having some camera issues post software upgrade


Hello My pubbers,

I was wondering if we have any mac whizzes on the pub cause I recently updated my Macbook Pro(Late 2011) to macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 and since the software upgrade, I haven’t been able to use my cam. When I try to open the photo booth or any other app that uses the cam, it says there’s no connected camera.
Anyone else had a similar issue? Oh and I pretty much tried couple of different things that I found on the web to try but so far nothing.

Any info or help would be muchh appreciated it. Thanks in advance ya’ll.


Have u tried to restore to a backup date, checked at the restore point if cam is still down? That’d be worth trying to confirm if prob is upgrade related. Good luck


I tried it and still nothing :confused:
I also tried the restart, adjusted camera sttings, sudo killall VDCAssistant, sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant, use a new profile, still nothing…

Thanks for the tip though!